Broken Warframes adrift in the Void converged to create Xaku. Together, they deal high damage. Xaku proves that the sum of the whole is greater than its parts.
  • 269
  • 239
  • 146
  • 160
  • Xata's Whisper

    Wield Void Damage for all attacks from equipped weapons when activated.

  • Grasp of Lohk

    Void Tendrils steal weapons from nearby enemies to use as your own floating, auto-targeting armament. Damage output increases based on enemy level. The number of weapons grabbed also determines the damage multiplier for The Lost: Deny's Void beam.

  • The Lost

    Cycle through a trio of lost Warframe powers. Accuse manifests a Void fissure to corrupt enemies into allies. Gaze grasps targets in Void tendrils that capture damage and inflict it when the target is released. Deny annihilates with a beam of Void energy, wiping Sentient resistances.

  • The Vast Untime

    Temporarily shed the outer pieces of Xaku in a destructive blast, then stalk the battlefield in a new, swifter skeletal form. Enemies damaged by the body shrapnel are rendered weaker to Void Damage. Xaku's other active abilities' duration is frozen in time and resumes once The Vast Untime expires.