Equinox rises from the edge of day and night. Her Day form offers offensive support while her Night form offers defensive support. She thrives between realms.

  • 100
  • 100
  • 125
  • 150
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  • Metamorphosis

    Switch forms, temporarily gaining bonus Shields and Armor in Night-Form, or bonus Damage and Speed in Day-Form.

  • Rest & Rage

    In Night-Form, targets are put to sleep. In Day-Form, targets become more vulnerable to damage.

  • Pacify & Provoke

    In Night-Form, reduces damage inflicted by nearby enemies. In Day-Form, increases Ability Strength of nearby allies.

  • Mend & Maim

    In Night-Form, allies' Shields are replenished with each nearby enemy killed. In Day-Form, enemies are inflicted with Bleed Status Effect. Deactivate while in Night-Form to restore Health and Shields for Equinox and allies. Deactivate while in Day-Form to cast a wave of slashing force.