Vauban Prime
Transform the battlefield into a weapon with this gilded tactician. Features unique mod polarities for extended customization.
  • 270
  • 270
  • 210
  • 175
  • Tesla Nervos

    Deploy a roller drone that attaches itself to enemies and delivers bursts of arcing electricity to anything in the immediate area.

  • Minelayer

    Cycle through four deployable mines. Tether Coil immobilizes and groups enemies together. Flechette Orb fires out deadly nails in all directions. Vector Pad accelerates enemies and allies in the pad's direction. Overdriver latches onto the nearest ally and boosts their weapon damage.

  • Photon Strike

    Drop a targeting beacon that calls in a devastating laser artillery strike.

  • Bastille

    Erect a containment field to capture enemies and suspended them in stasis, stripping their armor. Hold to collapse all Bastilles into a single damaging vortex.