Command the power of the wind. Zephyr’s cyclonic abilities protect her, deal high damage, and provide crowd control. She swoops in from above and leaves a path of destruction.

  • 455
  • 455
  • 105
  • 100
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  • Tail Wind

    Hold while airborne to hover Zephyr with reduced movement. From the air, tap to dash forward, or aim down to dive bomb enemies below.

  • Airburst

    Launch a burst of massively dense air. Hold to send enemies flying, tap to pull them toward the burst. Damage increases per enemy hit.

  • Turbulence

    Creates a wind shield around Zephyr, redirecting all incoming projectiles.

  • Tornado

    Create deadly tornadoes that seek out and engulf enemies. Tornadoes deal the elemental Damage Type they absorb the most. Shoot engulfed enemies to inflict extra damage. Hold for stationary tornadoes or tap for wandering ones.