Chroma Prime
Bind the elements and unleash untold destruction with Chroma Prime. Featuring altered mod polarities for greater customization.
  • 270
  • 270
  • 450
  • 200
  • Spectral Scream

    Exhale a deep breath of elemental destruction. Tap to cycle through elements, hold to cast. The chosen element applies to all of Chroma's abilities.

  • Elemental Ward

    Depending on Chroma's elemental alignment, an offensive area-of-effect is created. Chroma and its nearby allies are imbued with defensive energy.

  • Vex Armor

    Chroma fortifies squad Armor when his Shields are damaged or he kills an enemy with a melee weapon. He increases squad Weapon Damage when he loses Health or he kills an enemy with a ranged weapon, double the effect on weak point kills.

  • Effigy

    Chroma turns his pelt into a massive sentry that strengthens nearby allies and engulfs enemies in elemental attacks.