Protea Prime
Behold the child of two fathers. Protea Prime once fulfilled Parvos Granum's vision of a time-wielding guardian. Now she upholds the Tenno ideal of defending the defenseless.
  • 270
  • 455
  • 185
  • 200
  • Grenade Fan

    Throw out grenades in an arc. (TAP) SHRAPNEL VORTEX Creates a slashing, staggering swirl of shrapnel. (HOLD) SHIELD SATELLITES Protea reconfigures Grenades to work as overcharging shield generators, protecting her, her allies and companions. When Shields break, a Satellite is destroyed to double minimum Shield Gate invincibility time.

  • Blaze Artillery

    Deploys an artillery unit to blast plasma charges at enemies it faces. Each enemy hit increases the power of subsequent plasma attacks.

  • Dispensary

    Deploys a device that generates 3 pickups after a short delay: empowered health orb, universal ammo pack and energy orb.

  • Temporal Anchor

    Drops a Temporal Anchor which, after a short duration, Protea rewinds to trigger a temporal implosion. Implosion damage increases based on damage dealt between anchor drop and rewind. Everything lost or expended in that time is returned. Dying while Anchor is active rewinds Protea to the anchor, saving her. Protea is knocked down and the anchor vanishes.