No longer adrift in the Void, Sevagoth has returned. He and his Shadow deal heavy damage and have high survivability. They are sustained by the reaping of wayward souls.
  • 270
  • 235
  • 160
  • 140
  • Reap

    Sevagoth's Shadow flies outward ravaging enemies in his path. Survivors are damaged by Death’s Harvest over time. The souls of the dead fill the Death Well.

  • Sow

    Plant a death seed in nearby targets to drain their lifeforce. Reap what has been sown to detonate afflicted enemies, dealing a percentage of their health as radial damage. The souls of the dead fill the Death Well.

  • Gloom

    Summon a radial pulse wave that ensnares and slows enemies, siphoning their lifeforce for the Death Well. Allies within the wave steal health with each attack.

  • Exalted Shadow

    When the Death Well fills, Sevagoth's Shadow form is ready to be released. Tear the enemy asunder with a collection of melee-focused abilities.

  • Embrace

    Ghostly hands pull enemies into a flailing mass.

  • Consume

    Dash through enemies and rip out their souls to heal Shadow.

  • Death's Harvest

    Inflict nearby enemies with a harrowing condition.

  • Reunite

    Sevagoth and his Shadow become one.