A group of Warframes in platform exclusive skins standing shoulder to shoulder ready to take on foes.

Cross Platform Play Guide

What is Cross Platform Play?

Cross Platform Play is a feature meant to unite the Origin System once and for all! We’re bringing together Tenno from across the globe and across Platforms to play together.

As our development on Cross Platform Play has continued, we’re opening it up to let more players experience Warframe Missions together.

This guide is meant to get you familiar with Cross Platform Play, what’s available during this first phase, and what to expect in the future!

What is Cross Platform Save?

Cross Platform Save refers to an optional service by which players can take some of your progress from one platform to another. Cross Platform Save is not currently available, but we will keep the Community updated on when they can take part in Cross Platform Save as Cross Platform Play development continues.

What features are available in Cross Platform Play?

With the launch of Cross Platform Play in Lua’s Prey you will be able to play Missions across PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch either by joining a fellow Tenno’s Squad or using Public Matchmaking. You can also use Chat to coordinate and communicate with other players.

Players across platforms can meet in Relays and visit Dojos! However, there is currently a known issue will prevent Cross Platform Squads that form before entering a Dojo. To prevent this issue, load into the Dojo first and then invite Squad members from a different platform.

While Cross Platform Play is active, you will notice that you now have your platform icon next to your name. All players on a different platform to you will have a Cross Platform Play icon to help identify that a squad member or other player is joining you from another system.

Another addition is numeric suffixes to player names/aliases. To help identify players who have the same name across different platforms, everyone has been assigned a numeric suffix. This suffix is only necessary when you are looking to invite someone into your squad or chatting with players who have the same name. You can always find your suffix by visiting your Profile in the game menu.

Console Tenno have the ability to have spaces in their aliases which means whispering them requires a small extra step. Should you wish to whisper your console friend who has a space in their name, use apostrophes or quotation marks to capture their full name. For example: /w 'Tenno Are Amazing' Hi friend! ← This will send the message, “Hi friend!” to the console player whose name is Tenno Are Amazing.

Moving forward you can expect us to share information on the future of Cross Platform Play and Cross Platform Save on our social channels and on Devstreams.

How Do I Enable and Disable Cross Platform Play?

You can toggle the “Cross Platform Play” setting in the Options Menu, allowing you to join each other’s squad and use Public Matchmaking to complete Missions together or to turn it off should you wish.

A screen showing how to enable or disable cross-platform play.

Is Cross Platform Save currently available?

No, Cross Platform Save will be added at a later date once the full suite of Cross Platform Play features have been established. Please stay tuned for more information about Cross Platform Save in the future.

I have encountered an issue, where can I provide feedback?

For players who participate in Cross Platform Play, we would love to hear from you on the Official Forums, and there are a couple of things you can do that would be greatly appreciated. When submitting your issue on the Forums, please:

  • Include the platform you are playing on
  • Add screenshots/videos of any issues encountered during the test
  • For PC, send your EE.log, which can be found by clicking on the “Get Logs” option under the Diagnostics section of the Settings in the launcher
  • Please attach EE.Log in a Support Ticket with the title “CROSS PLATFORM PLAY BUG”
  • For PC, detail what happened before any crash occurred when submitting a ticket using Warframe’s crash report tool (it will generate a WAR number)