Ready for any eventuality, the versatile Protea uses her many gadgets to overcome the odds.

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  • Grenade Fan

    Throw out grenades in an arc. (TAP) SHRAPNEL VORTEX Creates a slashing, staggering swirl of shrapnel. (HOLD) SHIELD SATELLITES Protea reconfigures Grenades to work as overcharging shield generators, protecting her, her allies and companions. When Shield

  • Blaze Artillery

    Deploys an artillery unit to blast plasma charges at enemies it faces. Each enemy hit increases the power of subsequent plasma attacks.

  • Dispensary

    Deploys a device that generates 3 pickups after a short delay: empowered health orb, universal ammo pack and energy orb.

  • Temporal Anchor

    Drops a Temporal Anchor which, after a short duration, Protea rewinds to trigger a temporal implosion. Implosion damage increases based on damage dealt between anchor drop and rewind. Everything lost or expended in that time is returned. Dying while Ancho