Enemies tremble before the brawler with fists as hard as stone. Atlas deals high damage. Command terrestrial elements that form the foundation of any battlefield.
  • 270
  • 270
  • 475
  • 175
  • Landslide

    Bash enemies with an explosive sliding punch, and repeat for a devastating combo. Petrified enemies take extra damage, and drop Rubble when destroyed. Rubble can heal Atlas and bolster his armor. Stats are boosted by the equipped melee weapon's mods.

  • Tectonics

    Summon a Bulwark rock-wall, activate again to send the rocks crashing toward the enemy. Bulwarks attacked by enemies release an area-of-effect Slash powered by the Health it has lost.

  • Petrify

    Atlas' hardened gaze will fossilize foes, heal Rumblers, and create Petrified Bulwarks. When shattered, petrified enemies drop healing Rubble for Atlas.

  • Rumblers

    Summon two elemental stone brawlers to the melee. Summoning petrifies enemies in close proximity to Atlas. When finished, Rumblers collapse into a pile of healing Rubble.