Limbo manipulates the very planes of existence to divide his enemies and conquer them in the rift.

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  • Banish

    Casts a wave of Rift energy that damages hostiles while pushing enemies and allies out of Limbo's current plane of existence.

  • Stasis

    Freezes Rift-bound enemies. While active, enemy projectiles are arrested in mid-air, resuming its trajectory when stasis ends.

  • Rift Surge

    Surges nearby Rift-bound enemies with Rift energy. When killed the Rift Surge is transferred to a nearby enemy outside the rift. Surged enemies that leave the Rift perform a radial Banish.

  • Cataclysm

    A violent blast of Void energy tears open a pocket of rift plane which can sustain itself for a short period before collapsing in another lethal blast.