Neither he nor she, Xaku is a composite... a Warframe assembly made of others lost in the early Entrati Void expeditions. Xaku has mastered this power of the Void to terrify and bewilder their adversaries.

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  • Xata's Whisper

    Wield Void damage for all attacks from equipped weapons when activated.

  • Grasp of Lohk

    Void Tendrils steal weapons from nearby enemies to use as your own floating, auto-targeting armament. Damage output increases based on enemy level. The number of weapons grabbed also determines the damage multiplier for The Lost: Deny's Void beam.

  • The Lost

    Cycle through a trio of lost Warframe powers. Accuse manifests a Void fissure to corrupt enemies into allies. Gaze grasps targets in Void tendrils that capture damage and inflict it when the target is released. Deny annihilates with a beam of Void energy,

  • The Vast Untime

    Temporarily shed the outer pieces of Xaku in a destructive blast, then stalk the battlefield in a new, swifter skeletal form. Enemies damaged by the body shrapnel are rendered weaker to Void Damage. Xaku's other active abilities' duration is frozen in tim