Take down your enemies with magnetic force. Mag alters magnetic fields to provide crowd control and strip enemy defenses. Few can resist her attraction or her repulsion.
  • 180
  • 455
  • 105
  • 140
  • Pull

    Mag stuns enemies as she manifests a magnetic vortex. The vortex pulls in Polarize Shards and stunned enemies to place them directly in front of her.

  • Magnetize

    (TAP) Enclose a target in a magnetic field that ensnares nearby enemies and deals damage over time. The field pulls Polarize Shards that orbited Mag and shrapnel into the deadly mix. (HOLD) Mag surrounds herself in a magnetic field that absorbs ranged attacks and reflects damage back in a destructive cone.

  • Polarize

    Emit an energy pulse that depletes enemy shields and armor as it restores ally shields. Debris left over from the pulse becomes Polarize Shards. Nearby Polarize Shards orbit Mag and cut enemies, inflicting Slash Status Effect.

  • Crush

    Magnetize the bones of nearby enemies, causing them to collapse upon themselves.