Grendel sees every battlefield as a smorgasbord. His insatiable appetite rewards him with high survivability. Enemies will be eaten. And regurgitated.

  • 350
  • 25
  • 350
  • 150
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  • Feast

    Swallow enemies whole and store them in Grendel's gut. Hold to vomit out stored enemies, covering them in toxic bile.

  • Nourish

    Regenerate health as Grendel absorbs nourishment from enemies in his gut. While he digests, enemies that attack or are attacked by Grendel suffer Viral Damage and energy sources provide more energy. These buffs extend to squad mates.

  • Pulverize

    Grendel curls into a ball. He heals over time as he rolls, knocking over anyone in his path. Jumping slams Grendel into the ground and generates a damaging shockwave.

  • Regurgitate

    Violently puke out a bile soaked enemy from Grendel's gut, turning the consumed into a toxic projectile. Nearby enemies are slowed and have their armor dissolved by the bile.