Albrecht Entrati designed Qorvex to protect a Chosen Operator from the unique hazards of his lab. A Crucible Core gives Qorvex high survivability as he provides crowd control.

  • 600
  • 200
  • 875
  • 150


  • Chyrinka Pillar

    Summon a Chyrinka Pillar that slows enemies. It pulses Radiation Damage with a guaranteed Status Effect.

  • Containment Wall

    Contain the threat. Qorvex summons walls that slam together, damaging all enemies caught between them and inflicting Radiation Status.

  • Disometric Guard

    Guard yourself and nearby allies against Status Effects. Each time Qorvex kills or assists in killing an enemy affected by Radiation Status, the number of Status Effects Disometric Guard can prevent increases.

  • Crucible Blast

    Release a beam from Qorvex's Crucible Core. Each enemy struck suffers Radiation Damage with a guaranteed Status Effect. Enemies affected by Radiation Status explode in a chain reaction.