Titania Prime

Tempting and terrifying, this is Titania in her ultimate form.

  • 125
  • 100
  • 125
  • 175
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  • Spellbind

    Enemies fumble their weapons as they are whisked into the air. Nearby allies become immune to Status Effects. Hold the ability to cast the immunity onto Titania.

  • Tribute

    Cycle through and extract one of the four Buffs when cast on an enemy. Thorns reduces incoming damage. Dust degrades enemy accuracy. Full Moon increases companion damage. Entangle slows enemies within range.

  • Lantern

    Create a swarm of razorflies that transform an enemy into an irresistible floating beacon, attracting witless comrades before exploding on command.

  • Razorwing

    Shrink down and take flight, while razorflies attack nearby enemies.