Never underestimate the power and wrath of sullen sadness. Dagath's malice deals high damage.

  • 566
  • 150
  • 125
  • 175


  • Wyrd Scythes

    Wyrd Scythes surround Dagath and seek out nearby enemies. Those struck are slowed and suffer Viral Damage with a guaranteed Status Effect. The scythes also spread Doom and extend its duration.

  • Doom

    Condemn nearby enemies to their doom. A portion of the damage Dagath deals is revisited upon them by a Wyrd Scythe. They also suffer Viral Damage.

  • Grave Spirit

    Supercharge Dagath’s weapons with extra Critical Damage. The effects are doubled on Doomed enemies. Escape fatal blows by briefly assuming a spectral form.

  • Rakhali’s Cavalry

    Phantom Kaithes charge forth, inflicting Viral Damage upon all in their path. Their attack strips the defenses of Doomed enemies.