Prime Vault FAQ

What is a Prime?

A Prime Warframe, weapon, Sentinel or accessory represents technology as it was during the height of the Orokin Era. A Prime Warframe will often have additional Polarity Slots compared to the non-Prime version, and Prime weapons will boast superior performance or other advantages against their counterparts. Due to its rarity, Prime technology is coveted throughout the Origin System.

What is Prime Vault?

Prime Vault is an extension of the Prime Access program. Prime Vault is a limited-time only, rotating program reintroducing previously retired Prime Warframes and Prime Gear available as a bundle with discounted Platinum.

Can I rebuy the same level of Prime Vault?

No, you cannot rebuy the same level. You can only purchase each level of Prime Vault once.

If I purchased a Prime Vault Pack in a previous unvaulting, can I repurchase the Pack in this unvaulting?

No, this is due to current platform inconsistencies and store specifications and may change with future Prime Vault Packs.

Can I use a coupon or other discount offer on Prime Vault?

No, Prime Vault is its own uniquely valued program and other offers or coupons will not apply.

What if I already own some of these items, can I get a discounted deal?

Items cannot be substituted, discounted or transferred.

What payment options are available in my area?

Depending on your region, you will have access to different payment options. These are the same options available to you on the Buy Platinum page.

What items are exclusive to Prime Vault?

Prime Vault Program reintroduces a selection of Prime Access Exclusives. This Prime Vault offers:

  • Impetus Prime Syandana
  • Imugi Prime Armor
  • Commodore Prime Suit
  • Tibor Prime Armor
  • Tibor Prime Gene-Masking Kit

The items that are not exclusive to the program and will be found in-game when the pack releases include:

  • Chroma Prime
  • Zephyr Prime
  • Rubico Prime
  • Gram Prime
  • Tiberon Prime
  • Kronen Prime
  • (Parts can be found in Relics and crafted)

  • Platinum
  • (Can be purchased in the in-game Market)

Will the exclusive items be available in-game after a new pack is available?

No. The Exclusive items in Prime Access are Exclusive to the Prime Access and Prime Vault Programs. You may see them rotated within the Programs but they will not be made available in-game

Do the Prime items come with Inventory slots, Orokin Catalysts, and Orokin Reactors?


Can the Prime Customizations be used on any/all Warframes, Operators, Companions or Landing Craft?

Unless specified, all Customizations can be used with any of the customary in-game entities, for example:

  • All Warframe Armor, Syandanas, Sigils etc. can be used on any Warframe
  • All Sugatras can be used on any melee weapon
  • All Operator Armor and Operator Accessories can be used on any Operator
  • All Kavat Armor can be used with any Kavat

However, Customizations will not work on any non-customary entities, for example:

  • All Warframe Armor can be used on all Warframes, but cannot be used on Operators
  • All Sugatras can be used on any melee weapon, but cannot be used on ranged weapons
  • All Kavat Armor can be used on all Kavats, but cannot be used on other Companions, such as Kubrows or Sentinels
  • All Liset Skins can be used on your Liset, but cannot be used on other Landing Craft, such as the Mantis, Scimitar, or Xiphos