Lift Together for Australia
Help support those affected by the Australia wildfires
Posted On 2020-01-16 14:00:00
Lift Together for Australia

Like many of you, we’re heartbroken by the devastation caused by recent and ongoing wildfires in Australia. Millions of acres of land have been destroyed. Thousands of families are left homeless and in desperate need of assistance, along with countless harmed and displaced animals.

We’ve made a $15,000 donation to both the Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund and the Bendigo Bank Bushfire Appeal. We encourage those who are able to donate to these or other organizations.

When allies of the Origin System are in trouble, Tenno rally to help. To bring awareness to this important cause, all Tenno can log in now to receive the Yooka Floof — a symbol of hope and compassion.

Together, we can help support the efforts of those fighting to rebuild and heal.