Creating a Melee Weapon Skin

With the way our melee weapons are set up, we are able to do complete mesh swaps for them per weapon type! This lets our players use these skins for a variety of melees, unlike our weapon-exclusive primary and secondary skins.

A large number of our melee weapon types are now available in the workshop for you to customize! They must have the same scale and the “business end” pointing in the right direction, but you otherwise have creative freedom. The Skana could be reskinned to be a Corpus energy sword and the Jat Kittag could be an Infested abomination.

Modeling for games is well beyond the scope of these guides. It certainly isn't rocket science, but it is the type of skill where you need more than a few hours to get the results you want. Luckily we live in a time with fabulous education resources available, and we recommend you do your research on how to get the most out of your tools.

Here’s one of our favourite resources to recommend to creators:

Technical Specs:

Weapons With Special Guidelines:

Most melee weapons are held in the Warframe’s hand, but there are a few categories that are directly attached to your Warframe: Claws, Sparring, and Fist weapons.

These weapons cover the back of the hand (and top of the feet, for Sparring weapons) and cannot obstruct the movement of the wrist (or ankle).

For Claws specifically, these weapons have an additional retracting motion that needs to be considered. These weapons are made of two parts with separate meshes: the glove, and the claw blades. The claw blades are scaled down to retract into the glove -- make sure the star of the show is your glove, as that will be the most visible part of the weapon!

Make sure you name your files appropriately for the left- and right-hand (and -feet) versions for these weapons. Example: ClawsR.fbx and ClawsL.fbx

Some tips:


Prior to submission, please refer to the handy checklist below to make sure your Warframe Skin meets all the TennoGen criteria: