Creating a Chest Armor Piece

Chest Armor Pieces are a great entry point into the TennoGen program -- they let you explore any faction’s art style and give our Tenno community an opportunity to find an individual look for their Warframes. While Chest Armor Pieces offer creators a lot of freedom, there are some technical limitations and tips you’ll need to keep in mind to ensure your design performs well!

Modeling for games is well beyond the scope of these short guides. Luckily we live in a time with fabulous education resources available, and we recommend you do your research on how to get the most out of your tools.

Here’s one of our favourite resources to recommend to creators:

Technical Guidelines:

NOTE: Please keep the difference in size between Warframes in mind! A small dainty piece might show up well on Mag, but not make an impact on Chroma. We provide all the Warframe meshes, be sure to test how your piece performs on a variety of different Warframes.

Some tips:

It is very difficult to make a compelling piece that works well with all Warframes. We don’t want to handicap a compelling design, but please do what you can to accommodate the extremes of different chests.



Prior to submission, please refer to the handy checklist below to make sure your Syandana meets all the TennoGen criteria: