Creating Shoulder Armor Pieces

Armor Pieces are a great entry point to the TennoGen program. Shoulder pieces allow players to break up their Warframe’s silhouette and allow creators to explore different styles and factions within the game’s universe. Since these armor pieces are placed in highly mobile areas on our characters, there are important guidelines and technical limitations you will need to keep in mind!

NOTE: At launch, we are only accepting sets including two shoulder pieces. Individual shoulder pieces will not be considered at this time.

Technical Guidelines

Shoulder Armor Pieces are intended to fit all Warframes, and the attachment peg should be long enough to fit into all arm shapes. It may be tempting to design a piece that fits closely to the arm, but with the diverse Warframe designs, a more generic attachment style is recommended to ensure it works on everyone!

There are general size boundaries that need to be respected to reduce clipping and blocking vision while aiming. Any pieces that bend over the shoulder towards the neck can lead to clipping. If your armor extends past the shoulder, make sure it protrudes upwards or outwards, not towards the Warframe’s neck.

You are welcome to push the envelope at your own risk. We reserve the right to reject pieces that unnecessarily go beyond the boundaries. Asymmetrical designs are welcome, but both shoulders share the same texture set, so plan accordingly if you go this route.

Technical Specifications



Prior to submission, please refer to the handy checklist below to make sure your Armour Piece meets all the TennoGen criteria: