Cosmetic Setup Step By Step

Step by Step Setup

  1. Launch Steam
  2. Select Library > Tools > Warframe Tennogen
  3. Launch Warframe Tennogen

  4. At this point you should have the default viewer tab visible: 
  5. Either drag your OBJ or use the open button in the bottom left:
  6. Select the materials
  7. You can either click on these boxes, or drag and drop the appropriate map into the appropriate slot (IE: _d into the diffuse, _n into the normal).
  8. Select your tint and emissive colours

  9. Save the configuration to send to Steam

  10. Hide the grid using that button, or by pressing G.  If you would like to hide the entire UI you can press H.  Press the hotkeys a second time to bring the UI / Grid back.
  11. Take your screenshots

  12. Keeping the composition of your thumbnail image particularly in mind

  13. Go to the Uploader tab

  14. Fill in your title
  15. Determine the Visibility (if it is private, friends only or public)
  16. Describe your asset
  17. Set your Tags
  18. Insert your preview image
  19. Determine the Content Path
    •  Your content path needs the .zip file that you generated with the Viewer tab and all the files associated with your asset (PNGs, if applicable the FBX, etc).

  20. Hit upload!