What to do after completing Vor’s Prize

It’s no secret that the Origin System is a big place. This is most obvious early in your journey, when you complete the Vor’s Prize Quest, which takes you around Earth and familiarizes you with some of Warframe’s basic systems. Complete this Quest and a whole solar system of possibilities opens up for you—along with some helpful suggestions from the Lotus herself.

Read on for a closer look at her advice and the sheer number of options that lay before you. Your early days might be a little daunting, Tenno, but make no mistake: your most exciting challenges lay ahead.

"Seek out like-minded fighters, Tenno are more effective in groups."

While Warframe can be enjoyed solo, playing with other Tenno is definitely recommended. Not only is this inherently more fun, it can also be practical. You’re bound to enter Missions that you might not be equipped to handle on your own, so having experienced Squadmates by your side can make all the difference.

In-game Chat

Warframe’s in-game chat function can connect you with fellow Tenno, depending on what you want to do. The Recruiting tab, for example, is great for finding others willing to help you (or to offer up your own assistance). Or try the Q&A tab if you want answers to more specific questions. Once you get the hang of it, Chat will likely become your go-to resource (just be sure to follow the rules!)


Available once you reach Mastery Rank 2, Clans allow you to combine resources and experience with other Tenno. Research and build new armaments, trade with other members, and secure a home for your future Railjack (though you won’t need to worry about that for quite some time) in your Clan’s Dojo.

Clans can be created by selecting the “Communication” tab from the main menu. If you’d like to join an existing Clan, try reaching out in Recruiting Chat!

Join the conversation

There are lots of ways to connect outside of Warframe, too! Check out the Players helping Players section of our Forums, or join the broader Warframe community:

- Official Warframe Discord
- Official Warframe Twitch Channel
- Official Warframe YouTube Channel
- Official Warframe Twitter
- Official Warframe Instagram
- Official Warframe Facebook
- Official Warframe TikTok

"Finish Missions and Alerts on the Star Chart to open new paths of exploration."

What to do after completing Vor’s Prize

At this point in the game, the Star Chart (accessible via the Navigation segment in your Orbiter), should be your primary focus. Each planet features a variety of mission-types, as well as Junctions that unlock additional paths and allow you to progress. Junctions have their own planet-specific requirements that you’ll need to meet, so use these as a guide when you’re planning your next steps.

Try working your way through nearby planets Venus and Mercury. The enemies you’ll encounter there are relatively low-level, and defeating their Bosses will allow you to craft new weapons and a new Warframe! You can also refer to the Tenno Guide while inside your Orbiter, which will direct you to the next available Quest, “Once Awake.”

Additionally, keep an eye out for these limited-time Missions, which you can track in the World State Window located in the top right corner of your screen while viewing the Star Chart:

- Alerts
- Invasions
- Void Fissures

"Use the Credits you earned in battle to buy Blueprints in the Market, then hunt down resources and craft those items in your Foundry."

What to do after completing Vor’s Prize

Credits are an extremely important Resource, and you’ll need them at every step of your journey in order to progress and evolve your Arsenal. You can earn them by completing Missions, killing enemies, breaking containers and more. Once you’ve reached Neptune, however, you’ll be able to enter The Index: an Arena-style endless Mission that pits teams of Tenno against Corpus agents for large sums of Credits. While you’ll likely earn plenty of Credits through ordinary gameplay, The Index is a great option for newcomers who need cash, fast.


At this early stage, you’ll want to acquire Blueprints to craft new Warframes, weapons and more to help you on your journey. While the in-game Market features a variety of them, only some are available for purchase with Credits, and many others will require Resources to craft that you simply do not have. Fortunately, there are other sources!

Bosses: Like Captain Vor, these extra-difficult enemies are typically the target of Assassination Missions. Armed with powerful weapons, large health reserves, and deadly Abilities, Bosses put up a tough fight. The Rewards are worth it, though, as many drop Blueprints for Warframe parts and special weapons.

What to do after completing Vor’s Prize

Looking to build a new Warframe? Try taking on The Jackal on Fossa, Venus. He’s relatively easy to defeat, and drops parts for Rhino. Collect the Neuroptics, Chassis and Systems Blueprints (plus Rhino’s main Blueprint available in the Market), and you’ll be able to charge forth on the battlefield with a whole new playstyle!

What to do after completing Vor’s Prize

Nightwave: Nora Night’s pirate radio broadcast is a great source for all kinds of useful items, including Blueprints for the highly-tactical Vauban. If you’re looking for another new Warframe after Rhino, try completing Nightwave challenges and earn some Cred. Not only can you spend it on Vauban’s Blueprints, but also hard-to-get Resources like Orokin Catalysts and Reactors, as well as Nitain Extract.

What to do after completing Vor’s Prize

Void Relics can be cracked open to earn Blueprints for Prime parts and weapons. These powerful armaments offer stronger stats and more customization options than their regular counterparts. Check out our Relic Hunting Guide for tips on how to earn the valuable Orokin treasures they contain.

"Customize your weapons and Warframes using the Mod bench. Different enemies are vulnerable to different combinations of Mods, experiment to discover the most effective loadouts."

If you’ve completed the Vor’s Prize Quest then you have access to the Mods system, which allows you to upgrade and customize your Warframes, weapons, companions and vehicles. You’ll earn many Mods during your journey from a variety of sources, including downed enemies, broken containers, completed Missions, Alerts, vaults, Nightwave… the list goes on.

Nightmare Missions offer specialized, dual-stat Nightmare Mods as Rewards, and are available once you unlock all the nodes on a given planet. You can access them via the Alerts menu in the World State Window.

Orokin Vaults are located on Deimos, and contain Corrupted Mods for the lucky treasure hunters who open them. You’ll need to craft Dragon Keys in order to access these sacred vaults, which can be researched in your Clan’s Dojo.

What to do after completing Vor’s Prize

Baro Ki’Teer: The renowned Void Trader visits the Origin System every two weeks with a variety of specialty wares for sale, including Primed Mods. The cost is high, but the extra bonuses from these Mods are well worth the upgrade. It’s never too early to start stacking Ducats!

Syndicates offer their own line of Mods called Augments, which enhance specific Warframe Abilities. It’s a good idea to start earning standing with your chosen Syndicate and begin ranking up, as they only become available upon reaching Rank 5. This might seem daunting now, but you’ll be grateful you did down the line when you’ve maximized your Warframe’s Abilities.

"Finally, stay alert. The Grineer and Corpus are tireless and you are the only thing standing between them and total domination of the Origin System."

Once you’ve gathered your bearings and have settled on a course of action, enjoy yourself! The Grineer and Corpus are indeed tireless (as are the other enemy factions you’ve yet to encounter), but as you progress, you’ll find that they are no match for the prowess of the Tenno.

Note: this article is far from exhaustive, and is meant to offer a variety of starting points for your own unique journey. Follow the Star Chart, lose yourself in Warframe’s sprawling, cinematic narrative, and find your flow as you discover your power within.