Warframe on PlayStation 5
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Posted On 2020-11-24 05:01:00
Warframe on PlayStation 5

Warframe on PlayStation 5

The next-generation build of Warframe arrives on PlayStation 5 this Thursday, November 26!

Jump into your Orbiter, prepare your Squad and get ready to experience the best Warframe has to offer.

See the Origin System in a whole new way with dynamic lighting that makes open worlds like the Plains of Eidolon, Orb Vallis and Cambion Drift look more beautiful than ever before.

Running at up to 4k resolution and 60 FPS means no detail will escape your eye as you dive right into your next Mission! You can also expect improved loading times across the entire game, thanks to the next-generation solid-state drive.

Plus, the addition of the new Adaptive Triggers feature on the DualSense controller will make each melee Weapon swing or trigger pull feel much more impactful.

To learn more about Warframe on PlayStation 5, click here!

PlayStation Plus Booster Pack V

If you’re planning on playing on PS5, you don’t want to miss the PlayStation Plus Booster Pack V, free for PlayStation Plus members! This pack features everything you need to kickstart your journey, including a PS5-themed Obsidian Sedai Syandana; a 7-Day Affinity Booster; a 7-Day Credit Booster; 100,000 Credits; and 100 Platinum.

Divergence Pack

Add Weapons Skins inspired by the PlayStation 5 for some of Warframe’s most impactful weapons to your Arsenal with the new Divergence Pack! The Divergence Pack features 125 Platinum, PS5 Armor Bundle, Corinth and Corinth Obsidian Skin, Pennant and Pennant Obsidian Skin, and 7-Day Affinity and Credit Boosters! Find it in the Market on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 at 2 p.m. ET on November 26!

PlayStation Anniversary

Take part in our 7 Year Anniversary celebration before December 2 at 2 p.m. ET by logging in to Warframe and receiving the Paracesis Obsidian Skin, Obsidian Monast Sugatra, a fully-built Forma and a 3-Day Resource Booster!

Plus, complete limited-time Anniversary Alerts to earn Noggles, Weapon Skins and more! The Azura Excalibur Glyph and the PSIV Color Palette are also available in the in-game Market for 1 Credit for a limited-time only.

There’s never been a better time to slide, wall run or Bullet Jump into Warframe than on PlayStation 5!


Backwards compatibility:
You can find the PS4 version of Warframe available for download in the Official PlayStation Store.

There will be cross-save only between PS4 and PS5.

PS4 and PS5 Tenno can play together.

Account migration:
At this time, we are not allowing for Account Migration from any platforms.

While your progress will transfer over to PS5, your trophies will not, which means you will have to re-unlock trophies as you play. Cumulative trophies (like “Shield Saver - Deflect 1000 Bullets with Melee Weapons”) will transfer over at 99% completion. However, single-action trophies earned from activities like completing Quests, will have to be redone by replaying the Quest from the Codex.