The Sentinel - 6/18/2024
Your Weekly Walk Through the Biggest Warframe News
Posted On 2024-06-18 18:43:00
The Sentinel - 6/18/2024

Jade Shadows finally here, Tenno. We look forward to seeing your reactions and responses to the Stalker’s new Quest and his connection to the newest Warframe, Jade.

Hopefully, you finished The New War Quest and read the story prologue to catch up on the Stalker’s tale leading into the new update. Now it’s time to jump into the Origin System and uncover secrets once lost to time.

This week’s topics:

Calendar Callouts

  • June 18 (TODAY): Jade Shadows Launch
  • June 20 (6 p.m. ET): Prime Time 398
  • June 22 (1 p.m. ET): Weekend Pride Community Streams and Drops Begin

Jade Shadows Available Now

Jade Shadows is available now on all platforms! Step behind the visage of the mysterious Stalker in our new Cinematic Quest and join the choir of our latest Warframe, Jade. Once you’ve uncovered the secrets behind the pair of mysterious figures, you can also obtain some great Rewards in our new Clan Operation: Belly of the Beast, as well as the newest Mission type, Ascension.

We want everyone to enjoy the experience of Jade Shadows at their own pace, so we ask that you not spoil the events within. If you want to discuss the Quest, please use spoiler tags!

The Relay Prex Hunt Begins!

There are a number of new Prex Cards secreted away in today’s update. Jade’s Prex Card can be found in a special location in the new Ascension game mode, but there are others to hunt for as well. Find the new Prex Cards for Ember, Vauban, Titania, Garuda and Protea somewhere within the Kronia Relay.

Community Pride Streams Continue

Two weeks remain in our Pride 2024 celebrations! Our LGBTQIA2S+ members are the focus this month and you can pick up Pride-themed items in-game all month. You can also support specific Warframe Creators with our weekend Pride streams. This weekend, JamieVoiceOver and SiejoUmbra are our featured Warframe Creators. This will also be the last of our Pride streams.

Watch these streams for 45 minutes and receive Twitch Drops to further enhance your Orbiter. Don’t forget to link your Warframe and Twitch accounts ahead of time!

Chroma Prime and Zephyr Prime Return to Prime Resurgence

While Jade Shadows is the big highlight this week, the latest Prime Resurgence is still live. Let the elements scour your foes from the battlefield with Chroma Prime, or ride the maelstrom to victory with Zephyr Prime. Head to Varzia in Maroo’s Bazaar to capture elemental rage within your Arsenal.

Purchase either Warframe and their signature Weapons with Regal Aya, or exchange Aya for Void Relics to earn them in-game. If you’re looking for more Aya, tackle Bounties and Missions in the Void!

What to Play this Week: Jade Shadows and Belly of the Beast

What should you be playing this weekend? Well as we said before, Jade Shadow is available now on all platforms. Learn about the connection between the Stalker and the newest Warframe, Jade and dive into secrets that will affect the entire Origin System.

The arrival of Jade also heralds a new Clan Operation. Band together to confront a new threat and collect new Rewards in Belly of the Beast! First, you’ll have to complete the Jade Shadows Quest, which will give you access to a new node on your Star Chart and the Operation.

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