The Sentinel - 6/11/2024
Your Weekly Walk Through the Biggest Warframe News
Posted On 2024-06-11 12:58:00
The Sentinel - 6/11/2024

Jade Shadows is right around the corner on June 18 (that’s next Tuesday, for the record). We can’t wait to hear your thoughts and see your reactions to the brand new tale of the Stalker and his place in the Origin System.

That means you only have a few more days to catch up on your Quests and finish The New War if you want to play on the day of release (and access Operation: Belly of the Beast with your clan when it’s all over)! Or maybe you still haven’t read the story prologue leading into the update. Either way, this is a great time to hop into Warframe and prepare for what secrets and rewards await you.

This week’s topics:

Calendar Callouts

  • June 13 (6 p.m. ET): Prime Time 397: Special Charity Stream
  • June 15 (4 p.m. - 6 p.m. ET): Weekend Pride Community Streams and Drops Begin
  • June 18 (TBD): Jade Shadows Launch

This Week’s Dev Discussion

Jade Shadows is nearly here! Our next major update for Warframe arrives next week on June 18. Ahead of its release, Creative Director Rebecca Ford is here with another Devshorts, giving you a glimpse behind the scenes at what we’ve been working on!

The latest Devshorts aired earlier today. Since you’re reading this after release, you can watch the show via the archives on Twitch and YouTube!

PSA: Please Don’t Spoil Jade Shadows

When Jade Shadows launches next week, you’ll be able to harmonize with the newest Warframe, Jade, and assume control of the Stalker in an all-new Quest. This update will expand upon the tale of everyone’s favorite assassin, meaning discussion of Jade Shadows might contain significant story spoilers for both the story of Warframe so far and the tale of our dark hero.

We ask that you allow others to complete the Quest at their own pace and use spoiler tags when discussing it so everyone can enjoy the experience as intended.

Community Pride Streams Continue

Warframe continues to celebrate Pride 2024! We want to support every member of our diverse and inclusive community and our LGBTQIA2S+ members take center stage this month. You can pick up Pride-themed items in-game and support Warframe Creators with our weekend Pride streams. Watch these streams for 45 minutes each this month and receive Twitch Drops to further enhance your Orbiter.

This weekend, LadyTheLaddy and MjikThize will be our featured Warframe Creators. Don’t forget to link your Warframe and Twitch accounts ahead of time!

Chroma Prime and Zephyr Prime Return to Prime Resurgence

The pinnacle of Orokin technology is at your fingertips once again with the latest Prime Resurgence.. Bind the elements to your command with Chroma Prime, or ride the raging winds into combat with Zephyr Prime! Head to Varzia in Maroo’s Bazaar to harness natural fury with this dynamic duo.

Purchase either Warframe and their signature Weapons with Regal Aya, or exchange Aya for Void Relics to earn them in-game. If you’re looking for more Aya, tackle Bounties and Missions in the Void!

What to Play this Week: Preparing for Jade Shadows

This is your final reminder to finish The New War ahead of Jade Shadows next week! On June 18, you can assume the guise of the sinister Stalker and power up your Arsenal with the latest Warframe, Jade.

You’ll need to follow the Star Chart and complete The New War to ready yourself for a journey into this shrouded past. Are you ready to learn the truth, Tenno?

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