TennoGen Round 11

The final Round 11 TennoGen items are available now!

This batch includes new Warframe Skins, Weapon Skins and more. Find these items by logging in to Warframe through Steam and visiting the in-game Market!

Saryn Nita’s Moda Skin
Inaros Horus Skin
Nezha Dracun Skin
Mirage Mithra Skin
Banshee Sonority Skin

Solida Syandana
Sarva Harness Syandana

Oberon Taurus Helmet
Harrow Hieropha Helmet

Tonfa Ba’Geth Skin
Heavy Blade Kilzorath Skin
Heavy Blade Mithra Skin

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Fear not, console Tenno. These items will become available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One soon.

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