TennoGen Round 11
Batch One is Available Now
Posted On 2018-01-17 08:43:00
TennoGen Round 11

TennoGen Round 11 is here, and it’s our biggest round yet!

It’s so big, in fact, that Darvo couldn't fit it all in one smuggling freighter without raising suspicion! As a result, TennoGen 11 will be delivered in three batches. (If Darvo had it his way, he’d ship every item individually in boxes that have “Clem Food” written on the side.)

TennoGen Round 11 Batch One is available now, including Tenno-designed items for Oberon, Vauban, Saryn and much more! Keep reading to see all the items included in this group of exciting new Customizations!

Oberon Ferosh Helmet

Rhino Mastodon Skin

Vauban Graxx Skin

Saryn Napellus Skin

Wukong Auman Skin

Hydroid Poseidon Skin

Cryona Syandana

Pistris Syandana

Phorcys Polearm Skin

Dero Sword Skin

Magesty Galatine Skin

TennoGen is a great way to support your fellow Tenno and the hard work they put in designing these items! Make sure you stay tuned for more info on the other Batches in Tennogen Round 11!

*Vauban Graxx Skin has been updated in-game to best fit the artist’s vision. Please note that the in-game Skin differs slightly from the screenshots on Steam Workshop.