Protea Prime First Look
Technological superiority in all its finery is coming soon.
Posted On 2024-03-22 15:20:00
Protea Prime First Look

First revealed live at PAX East during Devstream 178, the technological wonder and tactical protector, Protea Prime, is your next Prime Access!

Protea Prime is armed for any sort of deadly encounter, and when the going gets tough, her ability to manipulate time itself can make the ultimate difference.

Equipped with her signature Prime Weapons, the perforating Okina Prime Dual Daggers, and the Velox Prime Pistol, as well as exclusive Prime Customizations, Protea Prime Access is a worthwhile addition to your Arsenal.
Stay tuned for more details on the temporal enforcer, Protea Prime. To find the latest reveals on Devstream 178, check out our Devstream Overview!