Devstream #179 Overview
Next Nightwave, Jade Shadows, and more!
Posted On 2024-03-22 15:44:00
Devstream #179 Overview

Devstream 179 has come and gone, featuring a preview of what’s to come before TennoCon later in July -- and a sneak peek of 1999 as a treat (learn more about that update with TennoCon proper).

In this recap, we’ll be going through the content in terms of its release date, starting with our May 15 Interim Update, followed by Jade Shadows, and then a little tease of Warframe: 1999. If you want to catch all the details (including a peek at The Stug, our reclusive Weapons Lead), you can watch the full livestream, or just read up on highlights in our overview below.


  • Don’t miss the Gift of the Lotus Alerts that went live after the stream. You have 24 hours to grab the Orokin Reactor Blueprint and Orokin Catalyst Blueprints before they’re gone!
  • We’re celebrating 11 Years of Warframe. Check out our Anniversary celebration schedule, and log in before the end of the year to receive your own Dex Nikana.
  • Protea Prime is arriving on May 1st, featuring the Okina Prime and Velox Prime! Get a peek at her Prime Access in our official teaser trailer:

TennoCon 2024

July 19th - TennoCon TennoVIP:


TennoCon is a two-day event this year, featuring extra celebrations on July 19th! If you’re planning on attending, you can enjoy early access to merch and a special TennoVIP on Friday, July 19th. Make sure to grab your TennoCon badge earlier that day to make it into the event, and be ready to party it up like it’s 1999.

TennoCon Reminders

May 15 - Interim Update

 Devstream #179 Overview

The next series of Nightwave is soon approaching. For Vol. 6 of Nora’s Mix, she’s prepared a Daybreak line of items, including the following:

  • Nukor Daybreak Skin
  • Cedo Daybreak Skin
  • Glaive Daybreak Skin
  • Daybreak Gene Masking for Kubrows and Kavats
  • Daybreak Armor
  • Sobek and Glaxion Augments

Here’s a look at them in-game.

If you’re still working on finishing Vol. 5, you have until May 15 at 11am ET to earn your rewards!



We’re also releasing some amazing creations courtesy of our community, with new TennoGen! Here’s what is coming in our 3rd TennoGen Unbound release:

  • Mag Celestis Skin by malaya, Jadie, & Awk’Q-Luz
  • Baruuk Peacemaker Skin by Ventralhound
  • Revenant Wight Skin & Alt Helmet by malaya, Jadie, & Awk’Q-Luz
  • Minos Nikana Skin by Scharkie & malaya

Check out the official forum post for more details on their release.

New Adversary Weapons

Get your Parazons ready, Tenno. We’re adding the following weapons to the Kuva Lich and Sisters of Parvos system:

  • Kuva Sobek (Kuva Liches)
  • Tenet Glaxion (Sisters of Parvos)


If you currently have an Adversary hanging around, now may be the time to Vanquish or Convert them in preparation of these new weapons!

Jade Shadows - aiming for June


Our next major update, Jade Shadows, explores more of the Warframe universe post-The New War Quest. There are already quite a few narrative threads to follow after completing this Quest, including Kahl-175’s story with Veilbreaker, the Angels of the Zariman, and of course Whispers in the Walls -- but with Jade Shadows, we’re revisiting the Stalker himself. There’s a lot to come in this update, including a ~30min cinematic Quest, so let’s dive into it.

Next Warframe Preview: Jade

 Devstream #179 Overview

Jade is our 57th Warframe, featuring a blend of seraphim and choir aesthetics. You can expect a look at her abilities in May’s Devstream (featuring a light-focused kit offering support and debuff mechanics), but for now let’s take a look at Jade herself, and her signature equipment.

As you can see featured in the clip above, Jade’s form opens up with her abilities, leading to a truly angelic effect!


This also applies to her Alternative Helmet, named the Aureolt Helmet:

 Devstream #179 Overview

In addition to her aesthetics, Jade is coming with 3 weapons. In a way, she is the opposite of the Stalker, and her weapons are meant to be the antithesis of Stalker’s Despair, Dread, and Hate.

Evensong - Bow


Cantare - Throwing Knives


Harmony - Scythe


Pablo mentioned that each weapon has its own special mechanic, and offers an additional boon if all 3 weapons are present in-mission.

Terror - Stalker’s Landing Craft Skin

How does Stalker get to Point A to Point B? Here’s a look at his ship! Also he may canonically be a bad driver, according to Reb.

This ship will be available as a universal Landing Craft Skin.

 Devstream #179 Overview

New Game Mode and Clan Event

 Devstream #179 Overview

Jade Shadows is coming with a new game mode, and Clan Event. Learn all about the new Ascension mission and Operation: Belly of the Beast in a future Devstream.

 Devstream #179 Overview

With Ascension, we are introducing a new Eximus type: Jade Light Eximus. This enemy is available across all faction types, and we fear Parvos Granum may have had something to do with it. Lore-savvy Tenno may recognize the term “Jade Light” and infer more about this enemy as a result.

Enemy Scaling and Status Effects Rework

 Devstream #179 Overview

This section of the Devstream is going to offer a brief recap of talking points, as we have an extensive Dev Workshop that goes over these changes in more detail.

This rework comes in three stages:

  • Enemy Armor Adjustments (with health scaling and shield regen changes for balance)
  • Simplification of Faction Resistances
  • Lesser-Used Status Improvements

Enemy Armor Adjustments

Enemy Armor scaling its current iteration means that Armor Stripping is almost an all-or-nothing game, especially at higher levels. This results in players focusing on Armor Stripping as a way to tackle Grineer at higher difficulty content. Our goal is to reduce some of the extreme damage reduction offered by Armor at high levels, and make partial Armor Stripping more feasible. To do so, we are making the following changes:

  • Enemy Armor will be capped at 27,000, resulting in 90% damage reduction.
  • Damage Resistance calculation from Armor is being spread out more evenly, so that partial Armor Stripping offers meaningful effects. For reference, currently around 50% of Damage Resistance comes from just 300 Armor, which is why complete Armor Strip feels so needed.

To balance out these changes, we are tweaking health scaling values to ensure they maintain some of their tankiness.

Additionally, we are increasing Corpus shield recharge speeds of enemies above Level 70 to make Shields more impactful at those levels.

Simplification of Faction Resistances

If you glance at the Codex or the Wiki, you’ll notice enemies have a variety of different Armor or Flesh types, with their own corresponding weaknesses -- 13 different variants to be exact! We feel that this system is too complicated for players to engage with meaningfully, so we’re these resistances to be per-faction.

In addition to the core factions, we will be adding special resistances for specific sub-factions:

  • Deimos Infested
  • Kuva Grineer
  • Amalgams

With this simplification, it allows us to better communicate these nuances to players in places like the Star Chart!


We’re still finalizing exact details, so expect more information closer to Jade Shadows’ release.

Lesser-Used Status Improvements

We are making changes to the following Status Effects to make them feel more useful to players:

  • Cold
  • Blast
  • Gas
  • Magnetic

Please review our official Dev Workshop for more details.

Quality of Life Changes

 Devstream #179 Overview

In addition to the Enemy Scaling and Status changes listed above, we have a slew of other Quality of Life content coming with Jade Shadows.

Enemy Cap Increase on Next-Gen Consoles

With Cross Platform Play and Save, squads have to accommodate for Tenno being on a variety of different platforms. This means that hosts on lower-performance equipment may result in fewer enemy spawns for their squad. This is a necessity to maintain performance quality, but we have been auditing enemy caps for various platforms to ensure a balance of a) performance needs and b) player experience.

At this time, we’re exploring our options to increase enemy counts for the next-gen consoles that can handle it (without sacrificing performance stability) -- namely PS5 and XSX.

Voidrig Acquisition Improvements

We’ve further audited the Voidrig acquisition process to reduce player grind leading up to The New War. These changes include a further revision of crafting costs, and possibly more. Stay tuned for more info!

Shadow Stalker Drop Rates

We are making improvements to Shadow Stalker’s weapon drop rates to remove the incredibly low drop chance for weapons other than the Dread.

Debt-Bond Farming Improvements

Bounty drop tables have been revised to increase Debt-Bond acquisition rates (not just Medical Debt-Bonds!) across the board. Stay tuned for more information in our patch notes.

Other Tidbits

  • Current head-turning animations gives chiropractors anxiety. We’re improving neck animations so your Warframe no longer turns their head like an owl.
  • New Duviri Decrees, courtesy of the Design Council!
  • Adding Alchemy to the Circuit rotation.
  • Adding Standing to Netracell and Deep Archimedea completion.
  • Whispers in the Walls replayability.
  • Full-Auto weapon toggle.

Other Content Coming

  • Yareli Deluxe Skin!
  • More TennoGen!
  • Mod for Semi-Auto weapons that disables the ability to equip fire rate mods but offers damage buffs.
  • 5 New Arcanes
  • 4 New Augments for the following abilities: Protea Blazing Artillery, Qorvex Containment Wall, Dagath Grave Spirit, Sevagoth Sow

Warframe: 1999

We still can’t say much about Warframe: 1999 just yet -- we’re saving that for TennoCon! -- but we can touch on some of the reveals from our PAX East Devstream.

Here’s a look behind the scenes at some of our Protoframe concepts. The first iteration of Warframe with a face:


Here’s a look at Aoi’s concept:


Here’s a look at the Atomicycle, both its concept and model!


Thanks for reading, Tenno!