Devstream 178 Overview
The Devstream from PAX East! Even more Dante Unbound, the next Prime Warframe, and teasers about Warframe: 1999!
Posted On 2024-03-22 19:44:00
Devstream 178 Overview

This very special Devstream #178 was LIVE from the main stage at PAX East! Rebecca, Geoff, Megan and special guest Ben Starr spoke about Dante Unbound, our next Prime Warframe: Protea Prime, Jade Shadows, our next update, and, of course, Warframe: 1999!


  • Gift of the Lotus Alerts are live for 72 hours! Earn yourself a Forma (Blueprint) and Riven Cipher from Friday, March 22nd at 4:30 p.m. ET to Monday, March 25th at 4:30 p.m. ET.
  • Spoiler Warning! The following Devstream Overview recaps content from Whispers in the Wall, our latest narrative Quest.

11 Year Anniversary

Our 11th Anniversary Alerts begin on March 22, AKA today! Starting each week for eight weeks, all Alerts will go live at 11 a.m. ET, and each week will roll over to the next one at the same time (again, 11 a.m. ET)!

This year, 2x Challenge Mode Alerts are joining the 11th Anniversary! During Weeks three and seven, you can challenge Alerts resembling Steel Path difficulty — without the Steel Path unlocking prerequisite and with the usual Steel Path rewards!

We also discussed the Dex Nikana coming free for all players on March 27, releasing alongside Dante Unbound! You’ll receive the weapon automatically as an Inbox message when you log in.

And, of course, the 11-Year Anniversary merch is now ready for pre-order at!

 Devstream 178 Overview

TennoCon: Tickets Available to Purchase March 28th!

With TennoCon right around the corner on July 19th, we revealed the tiers Tenno can purchase to attend TennoCon 2024! Both physical and digital tickets go live on March 28th.


However, if you want a closer look at what each tier holds, you can read up more here.

2024 TennoCon Digital Pack

Similarly, we also revealed our 2024 TennoCon Digital Pack! This pack includes a Glyph, Sigil, Syandana, Display, Emote, a Throwing Weapon skin, and an Arthur Floof — not to mention 475 Platinum, 1 Regal Aya and the Baro Relay ticket! To match the vibe, all of these items are 1999-themed.

 Devstream 178 Overview


TennoCon Charity Beneficiaries

Additionally, TennoCon 2024 has two charity beneficiaries!

  • SICK KIDS: The largest center dedicated to children’s health in Canada!
  • ABLEGAMERS: An American nonprofit dedicated to improving accessibility in the video game space, celebrating 20 years in 2024!

Protea Prime

She’s here—our time-rewinding engineering gal in gilded form, utility belt and all. Tenno will soon have Protea Prime, but we’re excited to show off how golden she looks!



Protea Prime: Weapons and Accessories!

Joining her will be her Signature Weapon, the Velox Prime and the Okina Prime Daggers!



Protea Prime will also come with her signature Rhoptron Prime Syandana, with a new Ephemera and Alternate Helmet!



We also confirmed a Protea Prime trailer inbound! While it won’t be on the same scale of Gauss Prime, we’re excited to show her off even more.

Special Guest! Ben Starr & Warframe: 1999

We’ve got more Warframe: 1999 in store for you! With Ben Starr, Atomicycles and our next Human Frame, ‘Protoframe,’ revealed in the form of Mag, we’ve talked all sorts of 1999.

Warframe: 1999 Recap

But what is Warframe: 1999? A core Warframe release, 1999 is a major Update bringing the next stage in the narrative of our Universe. Rebb’s delivered a quick recap of everything!

Ben Starr and his experience in Warframe

Additionally, while we have him, we spoke to Ben about his experience voice acting for Arthur, and joining the Warframe universe overall!

Warframe: 1999 Teaser

Joining Arthur, whom crafty players may have pieced together, is Aoi! Aoi, voiced by Alpha Takahashi, who voiced Hanako Arasaka from Cyberpunk 2077 (and Phantom Liberty) and Aiko from Kubo and the Two Strings, takes the Protoframe form of Mag!

And yes, they are leaning on what we’re calling an Atomicycle, which will have a big role in the Update! You’ll hear more about Arthur, Aoi, and everything Warframe: 1999 in future Devstreams and news releases! Expect to hear more at TennoCon 2024.

Stay tuned, Tenno!

Dante Unbound


For two months, we’ve revealed, discussed, and gotten technical about our upcoming update: Dante Unbound! On March 27th, the Echoes update will be available to all Tenno, accompanied by the titular Dante, new game modes, and plenty of QoL changes (amongst many more, such as brand new Kubrow Fur tech, which can be applied to other Fur-based objects)!

But until then, we’ve got a short teaser, a snippet of what’s to come.

Upcoming Voidshell Skins

We also revealed three more Voidshell Skins inbound! Loki, Banshee, and Nekros are receiving the highly modular Skin customizations with the Update.




Permanent Bunny Ears: Utilizing Kubrow Fur Tech

Permanent Bunny Ears are on their way. Remember the new Kubrow Fur tech we spoke about coming with Dante Unbound? We applied it to the seasonal Bunny Ears, and we’re making them permanent at that.

The new Auxiliary cosmetic is hopping into the in-game Market on April 3 at 2 p.m. ET!

Gauss Prime: Trailer Emote

Lastly, our favorite speedy boi is getting his dance from his Prime Trailer implemented as an emote! This emote will be available on the market for Platinum.

Jade Shadows

Jade Shadows is coming after Dante Unbound! It will include a new Warframe, new skins, and new lore. We’ve been cooking up this Update to be slated for release before TennoCon 2024! Jade Shadows is our next Narrative Quest that’ll focus on everything Stalker, from his POV.

Included in our tease is our 57th Warframe, Jade. Considering the Update’s scope, we wonder what connection she may have with The Stalker himself. You’ll hear more about Jade Shadows in our April Devstream!

The original Yareli Deluxe concept was revealed at TennoCon 2023’s Art Panel and is now coming with Jade Shadows! The Kompressa Deluxe will also be included to tie her visual kit together—and, of course, Merulina will receive the Deluxe design treatment, too.




Geoff Crookes, Soulframe’s Creative Director, joined us at our PAX East Devstream 178, and we spoke more about Soulframe and everything coming up in those wispy lands.

To recap the last few months, Soulframe launched Preludes in December 2023, with continuous Hotfixes, one update, and plenty of invites since then. However, we’ve got another Fey Pact to show off.

Upcoming in Soulframe

We’re still cooking with Soulframe. Geoff revealed a new teaser revealing a Fae Bow, presenting a new magical combat option. But does it pale in comparison to a bear? That’s up to you to decide.

We’ll have more news in time! As 2024 goes on, a goal is to get more and more players into Soulframe: Preludes — we’ll also have news about our Soulframe Founder’s Pack later.