Preparing for Angels of the Zariman
Read up before you return to where it all began
Posted On 2022-04-18 15:02:00

 Preparing for Angels of the Zariman

Your journey through the Zariman Ten Zero will not be easy, Tenno. The mysteries festering within that fateful ship require all the knowledge and tools you can muster. To help get you ready, we’ve compiled some key information about our most recent update, including articles and community guides that will help light the way as you uncover the dark truths of your past.


Angels of the Zariman is a continuation of last year’s expansive cinematic Quest, The New War, which you must complete before you are able to begin Angels of the Zariman. This is significant, because if you’ve been away from the Origin System for a while, the Quest prerequisites for The New War itself could keep you busy for quite some time!

To begin The New War, you will need to complete:

- Natah
- The Second Dream
- The War Within
- Chains Of Harrow
- Apostasy Prologue
- The Sacrifice
- Chimera Prologue
- Apostasy Prologue
- Erra
- The Maker
- Rising Tide
- Heart of Deimos

In addition to completing the above Quests, you’ll also need to outfit your Arsenal with both a Railjack and a Necramech. While the former can be acquired simply by completing Rising Tide, the Necramech will require some additional work. Check out this handy guide from Warframe Creator iFlynn for more helpful tips on acquiring a Railjack and Necramech:


The Angels of the Zariman Quest will give you the opportunity to revisit your tragic origins aboard the doomed Orokin colony ship that you once called home. But the larger update includes numerous other additions and improvements, including Gyre, the latest Warframe, a customizable living space, a cast of mysterious new characters, plus three new endless game modes - all connected together for the first time by a robust social hub called the Chrysalith. There’s lots to unpack here, so we recommend watching both Devstream 160 and Devstream 161 to catch up on all of the exciting details.

Interested in learning more about gameplay improvements? Check out our Focus Dev Workshop to learn about the most significant changes to the Focus system since its introduction in 2015! You can also check out our Eximus Rework Dev Workshop Video for an in-depth look at the improvements we’ve made to Eximus enemies!


If you’re completely new to the Origin System (or it’s been awhile since you last hopped in-game), our Returning to the Origin System guide breaks down all the new features added to Warframe over the past two years. It covers everything from Quests to new Warframes, Mods, Vehicles and more. Speaking of Mods, Warframe Creator LadyTheLaddy has a great guide on how to acquire them, if you’d like to progress towards Angels of the Zariman a little bit faster:

Looking for help from your fellow Tenno? Check out the Players helping Players section of our Forums, spend some time in the in-game Q&A Chat Channel (while minding the rules, of course), or join the conversation with the broader Warframe community:

- Official Warframe Forums
- Official Warframe Discord
- Official Warframe Twitch Channel
- Official Warframe YouTube Channel

Angels of the Zariman is available now on all platforms.