PlayStation® Plus Booster Pack VII
Add the Okina, its Obsidian Skin and more to your Arsenal
Posted On 2022-02-22 14:15:00
PlayStation® Plus Booster Pack VII

Available now on PlayStation: become one with the dagger with the all-new Booster Pack VII, free for PlayStation® Plus members!

 PlayStation® Plus Booster Pack VII

Feel unstoppable as you slice and dice enemies with the dual-dagger Okina Weapon and its slick Obsidian Skin.

Display your Okina proudly with the Okina Emblem and mark your territory with the Mesa Okina Glyph, both available exclusively to PlayStation Tenno!

PlayStation® Plus Booster Pack VII Includes:
- Okina Weapon
- Okina Obsidian Skin
- Spinning Needle Stance Mod
- Pazza Sugatra
- Mesa Okina Glyph
- Okina Emblem
- 3-Day Credit and Affinity Boosters
- 100 Platinum

Please note:
- Platinum in this pack is non-tradeable
- This pack may only be purchased once per account and is available for a limited time

Download now from the PlayStation Store today!