Meet the voice cast of Angels of the Zariman

You’ve recovered from the emotional ride that was The New War and find yourself braving the past and returning to where it all began aboard the ill-fated Zariman Ten Zero in our follow-up update, Angels of the Zariman!

We were beyond lucky to have another group of talented actors lend their voices to help bring the Zariman to life.

The following is the complete cast list:

Spoiler Warning: If you haven’t completed The New War or Angels of the Zariman yet, this cast listing will spoil some major character reveals.

The Voices of Angels of the Zariman

Darrell Brown

Archimedean Yonta
Maya Grant

Cara Volchoff

Brent Mukai

Kira/Unnamed Zariman Crewmember
Cat Protano

The Husband
David Autovino

Cephalon Melica
Gemma Laurelle

Executor Tuvul
Sean Joseph Perry

Scott Whyte
Griffin Puatu
Emily Wold
Maya Aoki Tuttle

Complete The New War to Begin Your Journey Aboard the Zariman Ten Zero

You will need to have completed The New War before you hop into Angels of the Zariman! There are a number of Quest prerequisites to tick off your list and some useful items you will need to fight the toughest of foes. Here’s a detailed guide on how to prepare for The New War:

 Meet the voice cast of Angels of the Zariman

When you have triumphed, be sure to check out our preparation guide for Angels of the Zariman, so you’re and ready to begin your journey into the past!

Angels of the Zariman is out now on all platforms.