Introducing Dormizones
Customizable homes from the past
Posted On 2022-04-21 16:08:00
Introducing Dormizones

Picture it, Tenno. You’ve just spent a busy day fending off waves of enemies with powerful Zariman technology at your fingertips and halting the constant threat of catastrophic Void Ruptures. What better place to take respite from the nightmares that surround you than from the safety of your very own Dormizone?

 Introducing Dormizones

What exactly is a Dormizone?

Dormizones housed passengers throughout the doomed journey of the Zariman Ten Zero. On April 27, they’ll offer a cozy place to decorate, hang up your most-prized possessions and take respite from the horrors of the Void!

You’ll be able to fashion your new home as you see fit with Displays, Trophies, new Zariman-themed Decorations and more. Your Obiter Decorations will be shared with your Dormizone so you’ll have access to all of your favorite items, but you can only have one Decoration in one location at any given time, unless you have more than one of that item, so choose wisely!

How do I get my Dormizone?

If you have completed The New War Quest, you’ll be able to jump straight into Angels of the Zariman on April 27.

Once the Quest is complete, you'll unlock the spacious Landing Area, Kitchen and Living Room. You can unlock a fourth room of penthouse-like grandeur called the Vista Suite by earning Standing with an all-new Syndicate. This stunning room features a window outlook that can be customized with a variety of breathtaking views called Vistagraphs. Pair these scenes with accompanying Audioscape sounds that will soothe you after a weary day and lay your Void troubles to rest... at least for a little while.

 Introducing Dormizones

The following Vistagraphs and Audioscapes will be available for purchase with Platinum at launch.

The Path Imponderable
The Vallis Breathes
Impossibility Dawn
Silent Blue

Eidolon Rain
Forests of Terra
Rock Pillars
Sands of Mars
Systems Edge
Jungle Spaceport
Mountain Lake
Temple Gates
Treacherous Marsh

How Do I Furnish My Dormizone?

After you’ve completed the Quest, you can explore the new Social Hub in the heart of the Zariman – the Chrysalith. There you’ll find a vendor who supplies all sorts of offerings to help you feel truly at home, from Furniture to Posters, Captura Scenes to a stunning Sentinel Skin of the adorable green-thumb Gardening Drone, VERD-IE and more! These items can all be earned with Standing from the new Syndicate.

 Introducing Dormizones

Mark your calendar, Tenno! Escape the ghastly sights and sounds of the Void and seek solace in your fully customizable Dormizone, coming in the Angels of the Zariman update on April 27!

Check out the trailer below and be sure to browse our Preparing for Angels of the Zariman article to ensure you’re ready to take on the Void!