Devstream 151 Overview
Learn about Octavia Prime, Update 30, Codename: Wraithe, and more!
Posted On 2021-01-29 13:23:00
Devstream 151 Overview

Hi Tenno,

It’s been a while, but we’re officially back with our Devstream overviews. In this post, you’ll find all of the important details from Devstream 151 in a CTRL+F searchable format -- if you have something in particular you want to know more about, in this Devstream we covered:

  • Update 30, ft. Corpus Railjack and Sevagoth (Codename: Wraithe)

  • Octavia Prime

  • Revenant and Ember Deluxe Skins

  • Zephyr Deluxe Update and Kit Changes

  • Star Days, and Nightwave Intermission

  • And much more!

As always, we recommend checking out the full stream to catch the full scope of the news, and some shenanigans along the way -- but if you don’t have the time, you can read all about what happened in our recap below!


  • Take a look at what players were using in Warframe in 2020 with our official 2020 Year in Review Stats.

  • The usual Gift of the Lotus Alerts are live on all Platforms for 24 hours after the stream! Log in and get your Orokin Catalyst BP and Domestik Drone while they’re available.

  • TennoGen Round 20 closes for submissions on February 15th at 2pm ET. Full submission details can be found here.

  • Join our official Warframe Discord and connect with fellow Tenno!

  • The Necramech Showcase Contest is live until February 4th. Enter now for your chance to win a one-of-a-kind 3D printed Necramech!

Octavia Prime

Our 80s-inspired hip hop queen is here: Octavia Prime is releasing on all platforms on February 23rd, with the Tenora Prime and Pandero Prime!

Prime Accessories

As with all Prime Accesses, Octavia is coming with some golden Prime Accessories:

Serenidine Syandana

Glissanda Armor Set

Shawzin Prime

A custom Shawzin will be coming with Octavia Prime Access as well. Channel your inner Orokin Royalty with the elegant Harp Sounds from this elegant instrument:

With Octavia Prime, we’ll also be releasing a hip-hop themed instrument set for your Mandachord!

Update 30: Call of the Tempestarii

Our next major update will be coming in March 2021! With the Call of the Tempestarii, you can expect the following:

  • Corpus Railjack

  • Railjack Re-Revisited

  • Sevagoth (New Warframe!)

  • Zephyr Deluxe

  • And more!

We will go into more detail on these different categories below, but before we do, here’s a little tease of the update art and some new Railjack music produced by our Sound team -- feel free to play it in the background to really set the tone as you read on:

Corpus Railjack

With this new content, as Steve so delicately put it, we are doing surgery to Railjack with a chainsaw. This surgery is still on-going, but we can tell you the details behind the changes:

Firstly, we will be incorporating more core Warframe gameplay into your Railjack missions with the goal of making Railjack feel less like its own island. One example of this is the integration of Orphix Venom into a Corpus Railjack Capitol ship.

Secondly, we’ll be re-revisiting Railjack as a whole to address our missteps and mistakes, with the goal of making Railjack more fun, more rewarding, and more accessible. Parts of these changes include:

  • Improved rewards

  • Reduce how drawn-out some missions can be

  • Reduction in the grind mistakes we made for Railjack

  • Adding Drydocks to Relays to make squadding up more fluid, especially for those without their own Drydock in their clan. We will still ensure to honour the effort of those who build their own Drydocks, so do not fret!

Devstream 151 Overview

Thirdly, we’re in the process of an Intrisinics audit, with the following goals:

  • Improve benefits from certain ranks, including looking into tying Necramech bonuses into this system.

  • Remove core Railjack Functionalities from some Intrinsics, and replace those benefits appropriately!

Railjack Feedback

This is only scratching the surface. If you have constructive feedback on what you’d like to see from Railjack and how to improve it, please use our new dedicated sub-forum to share your thoughts with us:

Sevagoth (codename: Wraithe)

We showed off Codename: Wraithe’s concept art in TennoCon 2020, but now we officially have news on his kit! Learn more about Sevagoth, our next Warframe, below:

Ultimate Meter - The Shadow needs to be fed in order to be fully unleashed. Sevagoth’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd abilities contribute to this meter, allowing you to unveil his ultimate form.

FIRST ABILITY: Reap - A shadow flies forward, dealing damage to all he comes into contact with. Enemies that survive this attack will be debuffed and take additional damage for a duration. Each enemy killed during Reap or with the debuff active will feed his Meter. You can let the shadow fly free or aim your weapon for the shadow to follow.

SECOND ABILITY: Sow - A short range cast that drains the life from your target over time.. If a player Reaps what they Sow, the reap will explode on contact dealing the targets remaining health in AOE damage. Enemies that die from Sow or the Reap will fill his Meter.

THIRD ABILITY: Gloom - An AOE Slow that grows around the Wraith, filling the Meter when enemies are within the AOE. Squad members within range will be granted a life steal buff to their attacks.

FOURTH ABILITY: Shadow Form - Unleash the Shadow in exalted form. This is a pure Melee form with 3 additional base powers. Sevagoth will remain in casting location and will be invulnerable to damage. If killed in Shadow form, players will be forced back to Sevagoth.

First ability - Ghostly hands drag enemies towards the player in a cone-like-aoe.

Second ability - Dash through a targeted enemy ripping their soul out, healing your Shadow, and dealing a Radiation proc on them.

Third ability - Let out a wail that causes the same debuff as “Reap” from the Wraiths base kit.

Fourth ability - Return to Sevagoth form!

PASSIVE - When killed, Sevagoth erects a broken tombstone and unleashes a Shadow. Collect souls and resurrect yourself!

Sevagoth is getting his own quest with Update 30, with a nautical or Flying Dutchman flavour:

Devstream 151 Overview

Zephyr Deluxe and Kit Changes

Due to technical issues, we were unable to show you Zephyr Deluxe in action this stream, but have tons to share still about Zephyr, and her coming Deluxe collection. If you missed the original concept, here is what she’ll look like:

Devstream 151 Overview

This Deluxe Skin collection is coming with its own Landing Craft skin as well:

Devstream 151 Overview

She is also getting her own custom Deluxe animations:

Zephyr Kit Changes

The Deluxe Skin collection will be coming with Update 30, but we also hope to bundle in some updates to her kit as well! We can’t make any promises they’ll make it in for U30, but here’s what to expect:

Tail Wind

  • Dive Bomb does significantly more damage to balance out the time it takes to set it up!

  • The Hold mechanic now will work when you are in-air, instead of standing still to not interrupt the much-needed mobility in Warframe -- hold the ability at any time while in the air and it will suspend you like it does now and drain some energy every second.


  • Changing the pull mechanic from an impulse into a short duration vortex like we did for Gauss’s augment, so the pull is more reliable. Goal is to help this synergize more with Tornadoes!


  • Reducing the number of Tornadoes to 3, and increasing the pull of them. Instead of tossing enemies around and spreading them out, this change should help you have better control of your enemies and the battlefield.


  • Base passive isn’t changing, but we are adding a bonus Crit chance while in-air to synergize with these changes and her identity as an airborne Warframe!

Other Content

Revenant Deluxe and Ember Deluxe by DEBBY SHEEN

For those unfamiliar with the amazing Fan Artist DebbySheen, you are in for a treat. As a longtime Warframe artist, Debby has reimagined Warframe with her own unique vision in so many ways, and we felt it was time to make that vision a reality.

Originally commissioned for a Revenant Deluxe Skin, we’re actually producing two incredible designs from Debby with a connected theme of darkness and light: Revenant Deluxe, and Ember Deluxe!

Devstream 151 Overview

Devstream 151 Overview

Devstream 151 Overview

Revenant is also coming with Operator Cosmetics, and a Two-Handed Nikana Skin:

Devstream 151 Overview

Devstream 151 Overview

If you want to see more colour combinations for this, and some WIPs from the Zephyr Deluxe content above, check out our imgur album here:

Ghoul Saw

If you’ve watched our Devstreams over the years, you might be familiar with the Ghoul Saw melee weapon and our long-time promise for it to become a melee you can wield.

It’s finally happening, and we officially have melee animations to show:

Not shown here, the team did discuss ways on keeping our “you can ride it” promise as well! Stay tuned!

Nightwave Intermission

Devstream 151 Overview

Nightwave Intermission III is arriving on February 1st!

You will see some returning rewards and new challenges! For those who have earned the returning rewards already (like the Emissary Operator Cosmetics), you will receive Nightwave Creds in its place -- duplicate protection is officially here!

On the note of Nightwave Series 4, you will see a much simpler Nightwave to follow, as we focus our narrative efforts on The New War and Duviri!

Star Days

Devstream 151 Overview

Starting February 11th, visit Ticker in Fortuna to celebrate Star Days! Trade Debt Bonds for some love-themed items, including the wonderful new Eros Ephemera!

In the offerings, you will also find the Ignis Wraith and Snipetron!

Dojo Quality of Life

We’re continuing the Dojo QOL changes train from last year! Here’s some of the improvements our team is working on:

  • Remove Clan Hall Ranking Order from building requirements. Tenno will be able to build these rooms in any order they desire!

  • Add a Preview Decorations option, similar to the Polychrome’s Preview Colors option.

  • Adjust Research in the Orokin Lab and Chem Lab to display 100% completion without event-specific Recipes. This change also removes the Solar Rail construction message that pops up when players teleport to the Orokin Lab.

  • More skybox options for the Open Space! Void and other skyboxes will be available to research in the Tenno Lab. Decorators will then be able to change the room’s skybox from the room console.

Lunar New Year

Devstream 151 Overview

Look for Lunar New Year content on all platforms in February this year.