Countdown To TennoCon 2024
Get ready for Warframe’s biggest show of the year!
Posted On 2024-06-12 10:00:00
Countdown To TennoCon 2024

It’s hard to believe we’re mere weeks away from TennoCon 2024 — but not even time travel can keep the show from starting! Now we’re happy to shed some light on a few of the announcements happening on July 20!

First, let’s run through some quick reminders, starting with the fact that the TennoCon 2024 schedule for our Main Stage events is complete! Watch the show on Twitch, Steam or YouTube for an entire day of absolutely astonishing reveals, fascinating panels, Cosplay Contents, and of course our biggest showcase of new reveals — TennoLive — to cap everything off!

If you’re eager for more ways to enhance your TennoCon experience, consider picking up the official TennoCon 2024 Digital Bundle, which features TennoCon-exclusive Customizations for your Warframe as well as access to Baro’s TennoCon In-Game Relay. There you can browse the Void Trader’s entire inventory from throughout Warframe history!

Whether you’re a fresh Tenno stepping into the Origin System for the first time, or an 11-year veteran, this show will be a can’t-miss event. Still unsure? Then you should watch the electrifying TennoCon 2024 hype trailer to get a taste of things to come!

And we’re just getting started. In fact, there are still more fresh details below!

In-Relay TennoLive Experience


Not going to be in London, Ontario for TennoCon 2024? No problem! There will be a unique In-Game Relay Event just like in past years. You’ll be able to crowd around the small screen with fellow Tenno and bear witness to all the jaw-dropping reveals from the comfort of home. We can’t say anything about it beyond this for now, but trust us: It’s going to be quite special.

Twitch + Steam Drops

It wouldn’t be TennoCon without some must-have Drops, right? This year is no exception, as there will be two means of upgrading your Arsenal with both Twitch and Steam Drops!


  • Get a free Saryn Prime (with an installed Orokin Reactor and matching Warframe Slot) when you watch TennoLive for 30 minutes between 4:30 p.m. ET and 6:00 p.m. ET on July 20


  • Get the AX-52 Rifle when you watch any part of TennoCon for 30 minutes between 11 a.m. ET and 4:30 p.m. ET on July 20

Don’t forget to link your Warframe and Twitch accounts here to ensure you’re eligible for these Drops during TennoCon 2024!

Note: Players who attend TennoCon 2024 in-person will receive codes for these Drops at the show.

Physical Giveaways & Partnerships


What’s TennoCon without loads of ridiculously cool real-world goodies to give away? For this year's show, we’ve partnered with Champion, Razer and Intel for some slick new hardware that’s up for grabs. Here’s what you can look forward to and some details on how to enter the contests.

Champion Giveaway

Show off your time in the Origin System with a custom Warframe-themed Champion Hat! Enter for a chance to win here.

Razer Giveaway

Elegantly strike down your enemies from anywhere with the brand new Razer Kishi Ultra Mobile Gaming Controller! Enter for a chance to win here.

Intel Giveaway

Take the sleek yet powerful vibes of any Warframe into your hands with a MSI Claw handheld gaming PC! We’re partnering with Intel to give away not one, but two of these portable powerhouses. Enter for a chance to win here.

There’s plenty more where all that came from, too, so keep an eye out for more giveaway and contest announcements from other partners right here on in the weeks leading up to TennoCon 2024!

Voice Actor Guests

The Origin System’s voice talent within earshot? You better believe it! We’re immensely stoked to have several members of Warframe’s cast live and on-location at TennoCon 2024, where players can get their gear signed during autograph sessions on the show floor.

Ben Starr (Arthur)

Known for his role as Clive Rosfield in Final Fantasy XVI, the living legend that is Ben Starr will be at TennoCon 2024 to give Tenno some insight into 1999’s enigmatic Arthur.

Alpha Takahashi (Aoi)

Astute Tenno with a good ear have already clocked that Aoi sounds a lot like Cyberpunk 2077’s Hanako Arasaka — and that’s because the esteemed Alpha Takahashi brought both characters to life!

Gianni Matragrano (The Stalker)

A veteran actor whose voice can be heard across hundreds of anime and video game projects, including Boyang in Genshin Impact, Gianni Matragrano gives The Stalker that somber, otherworldly energy that makes your hair stand on end.

Kevin Lim (Bombastine)

The over-the-top, oratorical energy of Bombastine quickly became a fan favorite among Warframe’s cast. That’s due in large part to Kevin Lim’s irresistibly frenetic performance during The Duviri Paradox!

Nick Apostolides (???)

While we can’t say who Nick Apostolides is voicing in Warframe 1999 just yet, you’re likely familiar with his work as the suplex-slinging machine that is Leon S. Kennedy in last year’s Resident Evil 4 remake!

TennoCon Workshop Schedule

As with every year, we’ll have plenty of thrilling panels happening at TennoCon 2024! That includes a whole swathe of panels about the creative labor that goes into making Warframe possible. More information on panelists is set to come at a later date.

  • 11:45 a.m. ET - So You Wanna Work at DE?
  • 1:00 p.m. ET - Animation Workshop
  • 2:00 p.m. ET - Narrative Workshop
  • 3:00 p.m. ET - Tennogen Workshop

Captura Contest


Ah, the 90s… It feels like just yesterday we were all rocking tie dye shirts and frosted tips. If, like us, you’d love to flaunt your encyclopedic knowledge of the era, you can do so in-game via the 1999 Captura Contest! Be sure to check out our full writeup here on how to participate.

Darvo Deals


You knew this was coming. Darvo is back again with loads of white-hot deals just in time for TennoCon 2024! Save big time on select items in the Official Warframe Merch Store: including the Thumper Floof, Excalibur Bobblehead, Ascension Day Wall Scroll, and oh-so-much more available at prices that even the most frugal Corpus couldn't resist.

For more information on what’s up for grabs, check out our in-depth breakdown on everything that’s on sale!