1999 Captura Contest
Share your most nostalgic Fashion Frame
Posted On 2024-06-12 10:02:00
1999 Captura Contest

To help get ready for the arrival of Warframe: 1999 later in 2024, we're inviting all Tenno to share their finest 1999-inspired Captura! Dive into the past with a nostalgic 90’s Fashion Frame featuring your own unique retro color scheme. Or perhaps you might make your way to The Sanctum Anatomica in the Necralisk to pose with some of that vintage technology owned by Albrecht Entrati…

How to enter:

Share a 1999-inspired Warframe Captura in the Official Contest Thread on the Warframe Forums.


1st place: Protea Prime Access + TennoCon 2024 Digital Pack
2nd place: 1000 Platinum + TennoCon 2024 Digital Pack
3rd place: 750 Platinum + TennoCon 2024 Digital Pack
4th place: 600 Platinum + TennoCon 2024 Digital Pack
5th place: 500 Platinum + TennoCon 2024 Digital Pack

Need an Example?

1999 Captura Contest

Official Contest Rules:

- One submission per player.
- Submission must be your own original work.
- We do not accept AI-generated art.
- You cannot reserve spots in the official contest thread.
- Submission must be appropriate for everyone in the Warframe community.
- Submissions must be images. No videos please!
- Submissions will be drawn from the official contest thread only.
- Submissions will be subject to further review by Digital Extremes. If requested, you may be required to submit examples of Work-In-Progress (WIP) to be eligible to win.

Winners will be chosen based on creativity, quality, and originality of their submission. The contest begins now and runs until Monday, June 24th at 1 p.m. ET!

We'll announce the results live on June 27th during Prime Time, beginning at 6 p.m. ET over at We can’t wait to see your 90’s best, Tenno!