5 Year Anniversary!

It’s been five years since you joined the war for the Origin System on PlayStation 4, Tenno!

To honor your momentous achievements since then, we’re giving you some free Noggles and Customizations starting today until November 30.

To begin, you’ll get an Inbox message celebrating our Five Year Anniversary. The message will also come with an Obsidian Ivara Noggle, Cycle Five Sigil and the Obsidian Dex Furis Skin.

Next, head over to the Market and pick up the new PSIV Color Picker and Obsidian Azura Excalibur Glyph for only 1 Credit each!

Finally, complete your Anniversary celebrations with new, limited-time Alerts! Complete these Alerts and get two new PlayStation 4 exclusive Noggles (Obsidian Excalibur and Obsidian Azura Excalibur) to decorate your Orbiter!

This is just our way of saying thanks for supporting Warframe for the past five years, and that we can’t wait to see where the future takes us!