We are humbled by the effort the Warframe community puts into fan creations and want to make sure those creations never encounter trademark or copyright issues where our policies are concerned. This Warframe Music Policy specifically covers the music that is present within the game Warframe in the context of two types of content creation: Broadcasting and Video Uploads:

- Non-Commercial Use – Use of Warframe assets must be non-commercial. You cannot profit from the direct sale of Warframe's IP. Do not charge users to access or own your Warframe creations.

- ALL of Warframe's in-game music is owned by Digital Extremes. We will never apply a copyright claim to an end-user who is broadcasting the game Warframe with Music enabled or to an end-user who is uploading gameplay content with Music on.

- As Digital Extremes holds ownership and rights to all of Warframe's in-game music, we do not allow any commercial use of our soundtrack.

- For more robust Content Creation information, visit www.warframe.com/videopolicy

- Terms of Use - Warframe Content cannot be used in any manner that violates our Terms of Use

Last Updated Date: Nov 25, 2020

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