Warframe Content Policy

Last Updated Date: July 16, 2020

We are humbled by the effort the Warframe community puts into fan creations and want to make sure those creations never encounter trademark or copyright issues. Please follow these guidelines when using Digital Extreme’s intellectual property to make sure your creations are considered legitimate:

  • Non-Commercial Use – Use of Warframe assets must be non-commercial. You cannot profit from the direct sale of Warframe's IP. Do not charge users to access or own your Warframe creations.
  • Monetizing Ads – You may monetize content that includes Warframe assets through passive advertisements. Fan sites and YouTube videos may include advertising, for example, as long as the advertisements do not interfere with a user’s access to the content.
  • Sponsorships – You may feature sponsors alongside Warframe content, but please keep sponsorship mentions to a reasonable, minimal level. Make sure it is clear that the third party is acting as a sponsor only and is not associated with Warframe or Digital Extremes.
  • Warframe and Digital Extremes Logos – Do not use Warframe or Digital Extremes logos without express written consent from Digital Extremes.
  • Respect Other Creators – Please do not use fan creations made by others, such as music, art, or video, unless you have been given permission.
  • Terms of Use - Warframe Content cannot be used in any manner that violates our Terms of Use

You can read our official response to EU Article 13 here. If you have any further questions about these guidelines, please contact Digital Extremes. We can’t wait to see what you create next!