Warframe + EU Article 13

As Canadians, we woke up to news this morning that the EU recently passed Article 13 - a new regulation that affects content creation sites such as YouTube and Twitch. There are a lot of concerns about copyright infringement and how such content will be vetted or reviewed, and many of our partners have voiced concerns regarding how it will affect them with Warframe content.

There are a lot of legal terms and requirements that have not yet been detailed, and will require a lot of review from people who are more knowledgeable about the details as time progresses, but we wanted to take a moment to assure you and anyone else who might be interested in creating Warframe content;

We have your back and are educating ourselves on what all this means.

Our community has fun sharing Warframe content, and much of our community relies on Warframe content to engage their followers, or to learn about builds and other technicalities of the game. In no way do we want to impede that interaction with any of you, regardless of if you are a partnered Warframe creator, or another streamer or YouTuber that just wants to make Warframe videos, music or fan art.

When the new regulation is better understood and the language we need is finalized, our intent is to post a notice or some other easily accessible disclaimer. The hope is that you can refer to this notice in regards to Warframe content, allowing you to create content in the same way you can now.

We would like to note, that this may not be the right solution to make things compliant with the new regulations. As we learn more, we will do what we can to meet said requirements and keep your content filled with Warframe videos, music, memes and whatever you have the freedom to create now.