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The Beginning of Warframe's Next Epic Chapter

“If I must be a demon, let me be an honest one. Let me prove my nature by what I do next.”
-- Albrecht Entrati
The mysteries left behind by the brilliant Albrecht Entrati and the unknowable Man in the Wall have begun to unravel. Welcome to Whispers in the Walls: the next major chapter of Warframe’s sprawling cinematic story, which introduces the 55th Warframe as well as Cross Platform Save and a plethora of valuable Rewards to earn in-game. With all this and more, there’s never been a better time to return to the Origin System!

For Returning Tenno


From December 13th at 3 p.m. ET to December 20th at 3 p.m. ET, complete the following in-game Alerts to build your very own Sevagoth Warframe, as well as his signature Epitaph Secondary Weapon and Glyph:
  • Alert 1: Sevagoth Blueprint and Epitaph Blueprint
  • Alert 2: Sevagoth Systems and Epitaph Receiver
  • Alert 3: Sevagoth Chassis and Epitaph Barrel
  • Alert 4: Sevagoth Neuroptics and Sevagoth In-Action Glyph

Returning Player Guide

Much has changed in Warframe, and jumping back in can be daunting! Our handy guide will get you up to speed on the newest systems and content you might have missed. You can also relive the entire Warframe narrative with our official Story Recap, or check out our Tip Guide for rundowns of every major Quest.

Cross Platform Save Coming Soon

Cross Platform Save starts with Whispers in the Walls! Beginning with this update, players will be able to access the new feature in waves and take their progress anywhere.

A New Chapter
The Kalymos Sequence
Deep within the Necralisk, a dormant precept known as THE KALYMOS SEQUENCE has been activated. You must return to Deimos and investigate Albrecht’s hidden, subterranean laboratory for any clues he may have left behind.
Whatever he was working on, Albrecht’s lab will act as a key new hub while you trek deeper into the unknown.
Albrecht's Laboratories Tileset
Impressive though it may appear, the laboratory is not without dangers of its own. You’ll find its gilded alcoves patrolled by abandoned Necramechs faithfully defending their departed master’s secretive research.
These majestic halls constitute a brand-new core Warframe tileset, expanding outwards directly from the tunnels beneath the Necralisk.
The Man in the Wall
You’ll encounter a haunting – if familiar – presence within the laboratory, Tenno. The Man in the Wall has been busy, though his motivations remain unclear...
New Syndicate: Cavia

A tragic band of new allies await in the Sanctum Anatomica. Discover their stories as they aid you against the Murmur and help preserve what remains of their home. This new Syndicate will provide Bounties in the subterranean halls to help unlock the latest Warframe, Qorvex, as well as his signature Mandonel and more!

Operation: Gargoyle's Cry

Turn your Clan’s Dojo into a “living defense” against an ominous new enemy faction: the Murmur. Assassinate The Fragmented One to power up a Gargoyle Decoration, rendering your Dojo into a Murmur Telemetry Node! Connect enough nodes with the help of the entire Warframe community to unlock a special Reward!

Game Modes
Game Modes
Unleash your inner alchemist and experiment with transmutation! Fill Crucibles with the correct combination of elemental energy and successfully defend as many Crucibles as you can from incoming enemies!
Game Modes
Hunt down and assassinate the Fragmented One by defending an all-seeing eye, but be wary: the Man in the Wall is watching and won’t hesitate to send swarms of foes to halt your progress.
Game Modes
Seek out Void-touched Netracells within Albrecht's Laboratory to uncover secret knowledge. Locked Netracell doors can only be opened by equipping the correct Keyglyph. Keyglyphs are a heavy burden - so Squad up to share the weight of this knowledge and find the valuable contents within.
This brutalist, concrete-like Warframe features a unique design courtesy of Albrecht Entrati. Created to serve as a bulwark against terrifying forces, it functions as a new guardian to the Tenno.
Slash Dash
Slash and dash through enemies alongside a radial specter. The powerful Exalted Blade’s slashes inflict Slash Status.
Radial Blind
Emit a bright flash of light, blinding all nearby enemies.
Radial Javelin
Radial javelins impale nearby enemies, inflicting Slash Status.
Exalted Blade
Summon a sword of pure light and immense power.
New Weapon Type: Tome
Albrecht Entrati’s prized diary, the GRIMOIRE, may contain the secrets of the Kalymos Sequence, but it’s more than just a book – it also marks the introduction of a brand new Weapon type! Take hold of this mighty tome for yourself and wield its knowledge in surprisingly destructive ways as you delve deeper into its former master’s laboratory.
Recall the art of Tennokai and employ a devastating new Heavy Attack Technique! Equip Tennokai Mods in your Melee Weapons’ new Exilus and Arcane Adapter Slots, and customize this powerful new form of Melee combat to suit your playstyle. Watch out for more Tennokai Mods while playing through Whispers in the Walls!
Packs & Merch
Sanctum Collection
A gilded Collection worthy of the Entrati family – now made available to you! Add the mighty Ekhein Hammer to your Arsenal and enjoy majestic new Customizations like the Kalymos Fur Pattern and Envine Signa, plus a special Altar for your Grimoire and much, much more.
Initiate Power Pack
Whether you’re returning to the Origin System or just beginning your journey, the Initiate Power Pack is an excellent way to amp up your Arsenal! Includes both the Nova and Rhino Warframes, plus the Soma and Sobek Primary Weapons, a variety of Mods and much more – all at Max Rank!
Sevagoth Glaukus Collection
Snag a new Deluxe Skin for the shadowy helmsman who sails the stars with Sevagoth Glaukus! Inspired by the same aquatic aesthetic as Hydroid Rakkam and designed by Liger Inuzuka, this Collection also includes the swimmingly charming Gillychap Shoulder Plate and the Cirriped Epitaph Skin.
Official Warframe Merch
Embrace the dark whispers of Albrecht Entrati and share your excitement for the next chapter of Warframe IRL with the official Whispers in the Walls Merch Collection: available now for pre-order! Includes the elegant Kalymos Kavat Pin, the 100% Cotton Whispers in the Walls T-Shirt as well as a gorgeous poster designed in-house by passionate DE artists and printed on premium poster paper.
Cross Platform Save
Beginning December, the first wave of Tenno will be able to carry their Warframe progress across multiple different platforms! Create a Cross Platform Save Account*, then continue to evolve it no matter where you choose to play! The first wave will gain access alongside the Whispers in the Walls update and access will continue to roll out in phases.
Any account created before 2 p.m. ET on November 24, 2023 will be eligible for a handy (permanent) One-Time Account Merge with other accounts, allowing you to combine nearly all progress and Inventory from multiple Warframe profiles in one place. Accounts created after this date can still be linked without combining progress and Inventory.
*Players can also choose to designate an existing PC profile as their Cross Platform Save Account.
Reward Available!
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