The Duviri Paradox

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The Seven Crimes of Kullervo

A tragic Warframe awaits your redemption in a sprawling island dungeon. Enter Kullervo’s Hold, absolve his sins and discover Duviri’s lost secrets. Then Customize your Arsenal like never before with Gauss Kresnik, new Kaithe Bundles and much more.

New Warframe

Paying for the crimes of his past, Kullervo languishes in a floating Duviri prison. The daggers embedded in his body expose deep wounds that only his righteous vengeance can satisfy. Inspired by the distorted Dax of Duviri, Kullervo wields his Rauta Signature Shotgun and Vaenn Heavy Blade Skin.

New Warframe New Warframe
Kullervo's Hold
Kullervo's Hold

For two weeks following the launch of the new update, a special node will appear in the Duviri Star Chart allowing you access to the new dungeon island regardless of the current Spiral. Here you’ll uncover Kullervo’s crimes before facing off against his dangerous Abilities.

New Market Bundles New Market Bundles
New Market Bundles

Look for the 53rd Warframe in the in-game Market or on where you can also acquire his Signature Weapons and Customizations including the Kullervo Usvah Helmet and Ahlto Syandana. Or turbo-charge your Arsenal with Gauss Kresnik - including fiery new Customizations for your loyal Kaithe.

Prepare to uncover The Seven Crimes of Kullervo, Tenno!
The Paradox Unfolds Before You

A Mad King, a mysterious Drifter, and a color-shifting unreality as sublime as it is deadly combine in the latest addition to Warframe’s ever-expanding universe, The Duviri Paradox!

A Landscape Out of Time and Space

Whether you are just starting with Warframe or have been playing for years, The Duviri Paradox will be available to all players. From the very beginning of your journey, all Tenno can choose to begin at the ending and play The Duviri Paradox. Experience it for yourself this April on all platforms and play through a brand new Cinematic Quest, a whole new space in the Origin System and Endless Mission varieties, as well as loads of new Customizations to personalize your Operator, Drifter and Warframes!

The Drifter and the Mad King
Take Center Stage

The Drifter is trapped in Duviri, suspended in a never-ending cycle of life, death and rebirth for the entertainment of the Mad King, Dominus Thrax. When all hope feels lost, an unexpected arrival and the reappearance of friends both old and new may finally spell the answer to escape the Paradox.

Battle King's Guards and the Orowyrm

Dominus Thrax has assembled an army of Dax warriors and a fearsome massive Orowyrm that circles the skies to protect him from any threat. As the Drifter, you lack the power of a Warframe and must fight on your own to survive inside this vast landscape.

Master new Weapons and Intrinsics unique to the Drifter to find an edge against the forces of the Mad King.

The World Evolves

Duviri is home to a tyrant whose moods are made manifest in the landscape. Depending on Dominus Thrax’s outlook, Duviri will appear differently, painting the swirling skies a poisonous green shade for Envy or unleashing a wrathful red firestorm in Anger. Each mood is its own cycle, with enemies behaving and attacking differently depending on the mood.

Challenge the Circuit

Tenno who are eager to put their Warframes to the test in challenging new ways are welcome to jump into the Circuit!

The Circuit is a new Endless game mode unique to the Duviri Paradox that shakes up traditional Warframe gameplay by combining familiar Mission types that change every round, with new Duviri combat tilesets filled with familiar and new enemies and the ability to earn Decrees to further increase your Drifter and Warframe’s power!

Another Spiral Is Another Chance to Escape
Mount your Kaithe

Traverse Duviri’s fractal landscape riding the Kaithe and eventually take to the skies! Customize your Kaithe with different colors or alter its appearance with different Tails or Pedigrees that fit your Drifter’s equestrian style.

Decrees and Intrinsics

Complete tasks in your exploration of Duviri to choose from Decrees that affect your gameplay for that visit to Duviri. Over time in Duviri you can choose to upgrade your Drifter to increase your power level or provide additional utility like mobility bonuses.

Intrinsics are carried forward between Spirals to permanently grow your dominance of Duviri, allowing you to unlock Drifter Melee Stances or make permanent Upgrades to help you in Combat, Riding, Opportunity and Endurance.

Packs & Merch
New Market Bundles

Upgrade your Arsenal and your fashion at the same time with new bundles in the in-game Market. Featuring Warframe Skins, Weapons, Companion Armor and more, you won't want to miss these latest additions straight from The Duviri Paradox, Tenno!

The Duviri Paradox Collection

Inspired by domain of the mad king Dominus Thrax, The Duviri Paradox Collection is gear worthy of the Drifter. Featuring a Pin, Poster, Zip Up Hoodie and Flat Brimmed Hat!