Included Items
One per account. Items marked with a * will be exclusive to these packs for a limited time.
1700 Platinum
Mesa Projectilyst Skin
Warframe Deluxe Skin
Protovyre Armor Set
Warframe Armor
Narmer Shawzin
Orbiter Decoration/Emote
Caliban Warframe
Venato Scythe
Melee Weapon
Volt Electrolyst Skin
Warframe Deluxe Skin
Protovyre Syandana
Warframe Customization
Neurovyre Syandana
Warframe Customization
Sporavyre Sugatra
Melee Weapon Customization
Protovyre Ephemera
Melee Weapon
Ravurex Gunblade Skin*
Melee Weapon Skin
Archon Nira Glyph*
Archon Nira Sigil*
Warframe/Operator Customization
Narmer Color Palette*
7-Day Affinity Booster
Earn Double Affinity
7-Day Credit Booster
Earn Double Credits
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