Emergence Pack
Chrysalith Pack
Included Items
One per account. Items marked with a * will be exclusive to these packs for a limited time.
All new Mods start Unranked.
500 Platinum
Gyre Warframe
Hespar Heavy Scythe
Melee Weapon
Alternox Rifle
Primary Weapon
Gyre Automaton Helmet
Gyratory Sphere Decoration
Triodic Syandana
Warframe Customization
Saryn Voidshell Skin
Customizable Skin
Volt Voidshell Skin
Customizable Skin
Rhino Voidshell Skin
Customizable Skin
18 Material Structures
Voidshell Skin Textures
Vasero Sekhara
Warframe Customization
Galeforce Dawn Stance Mod
Zariman Glyph*
Zariman Sigil*
Warframe/Operator Customization
7-Day Resource Booster
Doubles Resources from Drops
7-Day Resource Drop Chance Booster
Doubles Chance of Resource Drops
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