Promo Codes

Please enter your promo code below and click submit. The item(s) associated with your code will be immediately credited to your account. If you are not logged in to your Warframe account, you will be prompted to log in via dropdown menu.

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What are promo codes?

Promo codes are special codes that unlock in-game items such as Glyphs, boosters or weapons. Please note that codes usually have an expiration date, and will not work once expired. Promo codes may also be tied to specific accounts and only work for the accounts that the code was originally sent to.

What platform do I need to play Warframe on for promo codes to work?

This promo codes page will successfully redeem and grant the items on any platform that your Warframe account is associated with.

Please note that certain codes will only work on certain platforms. Please make sure you are logging in to your Warframe account that is tied to the platform of your choice.

My promo code does not work. What do I do?

Your promo code may be already expired or used. For further assistance of specific issues, please submit a request to our Support Team.