Whispers in the Walls: Coming December 13
The next chapter of Warframe gets an official release date!
Posted On 2023-12-07 21:23:00
Whispers in the Walls: Coming December 13

As revealed during The Game Awards 2023, Warframe’s next epic narrative arc launches on all platforms on Wednesday, December 13 with Whispers in the Walls!

Catch the latest tantalizing look at what to expect next week when the mysteries left by Albrecht Entrati and The Man in the Wall finally begin to surface in the new update. Discover the lost Entrati laboratories – and much more – for yourself!


 Whispers in the Walls: Coming December 13

The 55th Warframe is also poised to make his debut: the brutalist, concrete guardian Qorvex! Control crowds of enemies with ease and enjoy extra survivability afforded by his internal Crucible Core.

Release high levels of Radiation Damage with charged shots from Qorvex’s powerful Mandonel Archgun, or add a stoic touch to any Fashion Frame with his surprisingly lightweight Portcull Syandana.


 Whispers in the Walls: Coming December 13

Whispers in the Walls will bestow each Tenno with their very own Grimoire, the first in an entirely new Weapon type: Tomes! We’re planning to add more variations to this category in future updates, but in the meantime you’ll be able to enjoy Tome-specific Mods and even a few striking new Skins to cap off your killer literary look.


 Whispers in the Walls: Coming December 13

You’ll delve into areas wholly unfamiliar to you, including Albrecht Entrati’s subterranean laboratories, as well as an uncanny new environment based on the unknowable Man in the Wall. Watch out for new threats, Tenno. Ancient Necramechs indiscriminately defend Albrecht’s research while a new enemy faction, The Murmur, remains as terrifying as the Void itself.


 Whispers in the Walls: Coming December 13

Snag a new seafaring Deluxe Skin for the shadow-bound Warframe with Sevagoth Glaukus! Inspired by the same aquatic aesthetic as Hydroid Rakkam, the Sevagoth Glaukus Collection also includes the aquatically-endearing Gillychap Shoulder Plate and the Cirriped Epitaph Skin.



 Whispers in the Walls: Coming December 13

Unleash your inner alchemist and experiment with transmutation! Fill Crucibles with the correct combination of elemental energy and successfully defend as many Crucibles as you can from incoming enemies!


 Whispers in the Walls: Coming December 13

Hunt down and assassinate the Fragmented One by defending an all-seeing eye, but be wary; the Man in the Wall is watching and won’t hesitate to send swarms of foes to halt your progress.


 Whispers in the Walls: Coming December 13

Seek out Void-touched Netracells within Albrecht's Laboratory to uncover secret knowledge. Locked Netracell doors can only be opened by equipping the correct Keyglyph. Keyglyphs are a heavy burden, so Squad up to share the weight of this knowledge and find the valuable contents within.

Cross Platform Save

 Whispers in the Walls: Coming December 13

Beginning December, the first wave of Tenno will be able to carry their Warframe progress across multiple different platforms! Create a Cross Platform Save Account* and continue to evolve it no matter where you choose to play! The first wave of Tenno will gain access alongside the Whispers in the Walls update. After which access will continue to roll out in phases.

Most accounts created before 2 p.m. ET on November 24, 2023 will be eligible for a handy (permanent) One-Time Account Merge with accounts on other platforms, allowing you to combine nearly all progress and Inventory from your multiple Warframe profiles in one place. Accounts created after this date can still be linked without combining progress and Inventory.

*Players can also choose to designate an existing PC profile as their Cross Platform Save Account. Check out the FAQ for more details.