Warframe’s Fifth Anniversary on Xbox One

You did it, Operator! You made it five full cycles in the Origin System!

To celebrate your unexpected survival, log in and check your Inbox to get these free items:

Jade Brocca Syandana
Jade Dex Dakra Skin


Missed an Anniversary? Some of our previous Anniversary items are available in Alerts throughout the entire event!

Alert #1: Jade Excalibur Noggle + 10,000 Credits
Alert #2: Jade Rhino Noggle + 10,000 Credits
Alert #3: Jade Dex Furis Skin + 10,000 Credits

Other previous items are available in the Market for a single Credit apiece:

Xbox One Color Picker
Jade Excalibur Glyph

Hurry: the Fifth Anniversary Event ends October 1, 11 a.m. ET!