With Halloween just around the corner, we want to put your real-life carving skills to the test.  Sharpen your knives and fire up the power tools...it’s a Warframe Pumpkin Carving Contest!

1) Obtain a pumpkin or gourd equivalent .
2) Carve or decorate your Warframe related pumpkin.
3) Submit the photo of your pumpkin to this thread on our Forums! 

Examples: Carve or decorate the pumpkin to resemble Captain Vor, a Warframe, a favorite scene, a Sentinel, or anything Warframe! If you’re afraid of knives, feel free to paint or decorate the pumpkin any way you choose!

- One submission per player
- Multiple pumpkins in one photo are allowed
- No photoshop to enhance image
- Must be Warframe related
- No joint submissions
- No “Reserved” posts allowed.

The top 5 pumpkin artists will receive 1000 Platinum each!

To enter your pumpkin, post a photo in the Forum thread.

Happy carving, Tenno!